Saturday, August 13, 2016

First Details on Sean Murphy's Batman

So, this happened pretty quickly. Sean Murphy just announced his own Batman project on Twitter in a series of tweets and it turns out that he's signed a DC Comics exclusive, so there goes my dreams of more Tokyo Ghost in the near future, but also, he's working on Batman comics and that's it.

Here's what Sean Murphy had to say on twitter (I edited it a bit to take out some of the Twitter shortening)
"For the next two years I'm exclusively working with DC on two Batman books: Allstar and one that I'm writing/drawing myself. So if you're planning on reading my Allstar run (the finale), pick up Snyder's Allstar books NOW. The Batman book I'm doing alone will be my Dark Knight and my Year 100--an Elseworld-like take on Batman. My attempt at an opus. But that won't start until after Allstar is wrapped up. So if you plan on reading these 14+ issues of Sean Gordon Murphy Batman, best grab Allstar now. Allstar has an amazing talent pool, and I'm honored to be involved. Thanks to both Scott Snyder and DC Comics for the best gig ever."
So there you have it. Pretty awesome news. Note: All-Star is such a weird book. It's both been talked about as an on-going and a finite series (as Murphy just said, he's drawing the "finale"), it's important to note that the finite talk is reportedly about the first major story, and I believe Snyder has talked about doing another story afterwards with Lee Bermejo. Anyways, this all lines up with what I expected. An alternate continuity-ish take on Batman, written and drawn by Murphy. Surprised it's a series and not a OGN or something. Either way, I'm excited.

(Source: Sean Murphy Twitter)

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  1. I'm excited too, but also disappointed it takes him away from indie comics. I can't fault him for (I'm assuming) cashing in on a big payday and writing what (I'm sure everyone here would agree) is the greatest superhero I.P. in existence. It's obviously a tremendous career achievement. But I'm still going to miss crazy titles like Tokyo Ghost or The Deep.

    I haven't read any of Murphy's self-written titles (Punk Rock Jesus?). But I'll gladly give him benefit of the doubt based on his art alone.