Sunday, July 31, 2016

Stack Rundown, 07/31/2016

Today I come to you hat in hand, admitting that I've read a book that I've actively spoken out against in the past and found it to be pretty good. Rebirth man, it does things to you, makes you more receptive to shit you would have passed over before.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth #1 

What what what? I know. I know, I know, I know. Let me tell you, I still think the stupidest thing to come out of those Rebirth announcements was the fact that Lobdell is still writing Jason Todd, when the whole point of this was a fresh start, give people what they want, new faces, all that… So let’s get the guy who has been writing the thing for the better part of five years! Dumb. THAT SAID, I was ready for books like Green Arrow to be trash based on past experiences, but here I am every two weeks saying it’s one of my favorites. Rebirth put me in a good mood, so fucking what the hell? You know what? it was alright. Good, even. One of my biggest problems with Lobdell’s Red Hood was that it’d be good at the start, then just go off the fucking rails into stupid town. Red Hood in space? Nope, don’t want. The thirteen mystical space artifacts!? Fuck that, also, that’s a Top Cow thing. Joker’s Daughter? Are you trying to make me hate you? Yeah, it got real dumb. But what I saw here was seemingly what I’ve been asking for: Bring Jason back down to reality. Here he’s basically pulling a Grayson. He’s pretending to be a bad guy to get in closer to Black Mask and the underworld, but really, he’s still doing this for Batman and the greater good… but Batman is weary and skeptical. It’s Jason Todd on street level and it’s not him and Batman hugging every other page to please tumblr. It was an alright start. I’m not going to do full write ups of the series, because quite honestly I don’t trust it long term, but I’ll stick with it to see if I can be proven wrong.

Titans #1

It feels like it has been two months since that rebirth one shot came out, it was one of the first one shots in June, right? Man, that’s been a wait. Anyways, Titans and stuff! Wally West is back? Remember? Dr. Manhattan done screwed him over… or was it this magician dude from the future? Probably not, but here’s magician dude from the future! Let’s talk about Roy’s sunglasses some more, because holy shit, I will never let this go. GOOD LORD DO THEY LOOK AWFUL! I mean, holy shit. What’s one the most expressive parts of the face? The eyes? You know what we don’t ever get to see? Roy’s eyes. Instead, we get some fat rejected Cyclops design across his face. God it looks so baaaaaaaaad… That said, cool to see all these characters interacting again.

Wonder Woman #3

Good god, this series is Wonder Womany as hell. Equal parts compassion and ass kicking makes for a really great Diana characterization. It’s just like… good lord, the scenes between Diana and Cheetah are fucking heartbreaking. Just trying to console Cheetah by holding her back when she’s all “I GOT TO EAT MAN FLESH” jesus christ it was heavy. Then Cheetah basically just says “Will you kill this guy with me?” and Diana goes “Okay” (paraphrasing) which is pretty badass… So there you have it, equal parts compassion and badassery.

Action Comics #960

If this issue did one thing to make me happy, it’s that it probably pissed off the people protesting Rebirth for breaking up Superman and Wonder Woman by having Diana basically bend the knee to Lois when they meet. The thing you liked was bad and you should feel bad! That’s all I got to say. Other than that, we got some more Doomsday fighting. Art here looked kinda loose, like not nearly as finished looking as I’m used to Tyler Kirkham’s work looking. That, and I think one of the worst things going for this this book is how it can’t nail down a colorist. It keeps rotating them, none of whom have similar styles and it’s just inconsistent… and I’ve really just started to dislike Arreola’s style all together, but I’ll pass up reiterating my reasoning from two issues back.

The Flash #3

So, my concern was that there was just going to be too many speedsters to handle, epscially given there’s like a billion of them already… Then the last issue came out and I thought “this could work,” and now we’ve got this issue and it seems like the main bad guy is just going to be stealing a bunch of speedsters’ powers and leaving them for dead. The problem solved itself. But that would kinda be shitty if we get Flash’s new buddy sidekcik, August whatever, and then it’s just like “NO MORE POWERS FOR YOU!” Who wants to bet he turns into a bad guy trying to get back the powers he lost? Seemed pretty questionable in a moral sense when he gained his powers.

Archie #10

For whatever reason, I missed the last issue of this series, so I actually ended up reading both #9 and #10 this week, and man… this book is still really really good. Just takes these small little events and makes them into large meaningful stories without going overboard comic crazy, all doing so effortlessly.  It’s just really good drama without being cheesy or groan-worthy, and it can be genuinely funny and heartwarming throughout, to break it up and keep each page feeling fresh. Great series.


  1. While I haven't read it myself, the way you described it sounds like it sets up something more of a Red Hood solo series than another Outlaws one. So I have to ask, why don't they just give Jason his own solo book? Does DC not have faith in that idea? I mean, I'm sure it would read like a Punisher book, but I say at least give it a shot.

  2. Red Hood was good. I actually found myself wishing the artist on this book were working on Grayson, too