Sunday, July 24, 2016

Stack Rundown: 07/24/2016

This week! I drop my first Rebirth title! Which one will it be! I don't know... given my responses, if you've been reading these posts, it's probably not hard to figure out.

Green Arrow #3

So, I’ve said it like every other week that this book is surprisingly great, but it just got better, because Juan Ferrerya, whose work was the only thing I enjoyed about Gotham by Midnight and was on an all too short stint on Suicide Squad with Tim Seeley, is illustrating this batch of issues and he is fantastic. I also love the fact that the enemies here are the fucking bank who funds super villainy. That’s great. Robot spiders or fucking werewolves? NO! Bad guy bank, yes! I just hope we see some Rebirth ties and the Ninth Circle actually funding some noticeable names, just to give this new group some legitimacy.

Green Lanterns #3

Let’s just get the greens out of the way. This will be my first dropped Rebirth title. It’s just not doing anything for me past a passing interest in Jessica’s anxiety issues. Don’t like the way Simon is written, just kinda bro-like. This issue also goes down as the first Rebirth title to give us a patchwork art with like four different artists on board, none of which looked great.

Hellblazer: Rebirth #1

I’m here for Moritat’s art and hope that I’ll finally enjoy Constantine enough to continue reading him. I feel like I’ve given each one of his New 52 books a chance, enjoy them enough, but just end up losing interest along the way. This however, did a good amount to scratch that “dry witted sarcastic general piece of shit” itch that I’ve got form time to time. Plus, this first arc is about Constantine and Swamp Thing trying to find Abby Holland or something, so that’s an immediate “I’ll read that” for me. Also, like I said, Moritat is great, and while I would love to see him on a Gotham book, I’ll gladly read anything I can get with him drawing it.

Justice League #1

Hmmmmmm. This is one of those issues I just don’t have any reaction to. We got the big Rebirth initiative where continuity is the key and we’re bringing back all sorts of shit that everybody wants… and here we are with the flag ship team book fighting some vague ancient evil, which has every tell of every other vague ancient evil. Give me the fucking Legion of Doom or something, or a character I know! One issue in and this book already feels disconnected which was my major problem of Bryan Hitch’s JLA. I mean, I’m not dropping it or anything, because while feeling disconnected, I thought JLA felt like a big summer action movie for what I read, same here... but it’s usually not a great start to have the first issue leaving you feeling like you want something more out of the series as a whole.

Superman #3

I love Jorge Jimenez’s art, he’s supposed to be drawing Super Sons, but that book is nowhere to be found, and it’s starting to bug me. Regardless, Jimenez drew this issue, just because I guess, and all I’m going to say is that Bat-Cow wouldn’t get eaten by some Kyrptonian prison robot or some shit. I barely remember who Eradicator was, so I’m sitting here like “oh, 90s Superman guy has a back story, huh.” That said, Krypto is in the next arc’s solicitations so we can all probably cool off about that one.

Snotgirl #1

Would someone tell me what I just read? I’m not sure. I figure “Hey, Scott Pilgrim guy is a guy, maybe I read this new thing and see what’s up.” Then I’m confused by an unlikeable character who is a blogger with allergies that finds a friend, then her nose starts running, friend slips on allergy medication and dies? This was one of those books where I had to look up what the response was, because I was lost. I’m seeing 10/10s, best issue of the year and all sorts of shit that just confuses me, because I thought this was a first issue that accomplished barely anything. So I’m either missing something or I just wasn’t invited to the giant circle jerk around this issue. I also feel like if someone was to tell me what I was missing about this issue, it would be similar to a vegan telling me how awesome tofu is and how I’m a terrible person for eating a hamburger.

Chew #56

Final arc of Chew! Oh no! So what’s the big threat? I don’t know, the fucking world is going to blow up! BLAMO! Comics! No, I’m for real. The world is going to blow up and it’s up for Tony to stop it! That’s ridiculous, but of course. Of course the book about the world banning Chicken is going to go out on an arc about the world potentially blowing up. How we got from point A to point B on this one was anything but a straight line, though I’m not complaining. This is perfectly insane as far as Chew goes, and I hope these last couple of issues deliver big.


  1. Justice league going from Geoff johns to hitch is just so jarring and such a drop in quality that the book "feels" worse than it actually is. Green Lanterns was also my first rebirth drop. Replaced it with the Hal Jordan green lantern book. Hoping for better results

  2. I've also been pleasantly surprised with Green Arrow. I loved Lemire and Sorrentino's run, but then it just fell off and I stopped reading. Well it seems like it's back! Well written Green Arrow (plus awesome art) is fun!

    I agree on Green Lanterns. It's been very unimpressive in both writing and art. I ditched it after the Rebirth issue and the new #1. I haven't read the Hal Jordan book yet, so maybe I need to give it a chance... I just want good Green Lantern!

    1. Lemire and Sorrentino's green arrow was amazing. That green arrow run is the sole reason I read their current old man Logan