Sunday, July 17, 2016

Stack Rundown, 07/17/2016

Now that the fifth week Wednesday is out of the way, I'm looking forward to these Rebirth books actually feeling like they're coming out every two weeks. So far it's been one shots then the actual book starts, then a week off, then they're back maybe.

Wonder Woman #2

Unfortunately this book had a bit of controversy this week with the variant cover situation. I’ll say this: I liked those covers but did a double take when it was announced Cho was doing covers for a Rucka book. I imagined Rucka probably wouldn’t be cool with that, turns out he wasn’t. Sucks. Anyways, first issue of Year One was cool. Diana is probably super gay, or bi, or whatever. So that’s on paper again. What I couldn’t stop thinking about reading this issue was whether or not this was Rucka’s Earth One story. He was supposed to do Earth One then Morrison came along, and that just came out, so who knows. Still a good issue, interested to see how it ties to the present day stuff. Nicola Scott’s art was fantastic, but I believe I just read a tweet from her saying she’s only on for 6 issues, then it’s back to Black Magick, which is as bitter sweet as her going on hiatus from Black Magick to do this.

Action Comics #959

Yo, did you know Doomsday killed Superman? If it wasn’t entirely clear from the last issue, boy is this one going to remind you about it. This book is super action, and because it’s Doomsday, there isn’t really enough room for that much development other than Doomsday or Superman getting punched. It’s fun, crazy shit happens, but I’m curious to see what happens when this book takes a breather and actually has to deliver on all the “WTF” stuff it has delivered already.

The Flash #2

I was a bit hestiant about this book going “YAY MORE SPEEDSTERS” when there’s about a billion already, but if they’re going to the ridiculous length of practically making half of Central City speedsters, then that’s okay with me just based on the sheer insanity of it. Art looked really good and the chase scenes were pretty fun… but I’m already getting to the point where I can enjoy the Flash, but I just don’t have much I want to express about it… sooooo, moving on!

The Wicked + The Divine #21

I’m beginning to think this old lady is super into murdering teenagers and their parents. She’s not very nice. It was a big old fight scene issue, parents done got murdered and that was about that. Not much left to say about it.

The Vision #9

BOY, did this shit get super dark super fast. It was already dark between you know, burying deceased super villains in the hard, causing a father to shoot and kill his own son, lying to the police… average family drama stuff. But now Visions son is dead and the issue ends on “So this is how the Vision went fucking crazy” and if I know anything about the Marvel universe, it is that they’ve got a thing about crazy robots. While Batman has been good, just different… this is the Tom King I want on Batman, just delivering holy shit issues like this.

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