Sunday, July 10, 2016

Stack Rundown, 07/10/2016

This is what happens when there's a fifth week in a month... nothing ever fucking comes out that week and then you have about 50 books to read the following Wednesday.

Green Arrow #2

Green Arrow continues to be the most pleasent surprise of Rebirth, and give it up for Otto Schmidt, whose art just gets better and better each issue. He and Jaun Ferrerya can draw this book forever as far as I’m concerned. I like how this issue sort of disregarded some of the extraneous elements from previous runs, like Olly’s Oracle like character who is basically like “yeah, I’m gonna need money, so see ya” which is kind of messed up, but slim down the supporting characters, I’m all for it. Don’t need much outside of Dinah now… of course they did just reintroduce Diggle again, which is fine, whatever, I just want this book to stay on a roll and not bend the knee to all these other concepts.

Justice League: Rebirth #1

I swear to god, if this arc ends with “So here are these three colored lights, pick one, but HA, it doesn’t really matter” I’m going to jump off a roof. So yeah, basically, this one shot is Mass Effect, but instead of Space Jesus Shepherd, we have the Justice League? I fell off of Hitch’s JLA because it felt so disconnected, but it did have a big movie feel to it, and outside of the Mass Effect stuff, thought this issue was fun enough. Curious to see what the bigger plot will be, especially since this book’s previous volume drove the entire DCU to an extent.

Superman #2

Saw a lot of people pointing towards this book being the perfect comic to counter balance a shitty week in history, and sure, it’s real heartwarming stuff with Superman and his family, the one everyone wanted… and I’m sure people will start wanting New 52 Superman back at some point, but whatever. It was a really great issue, Tomasi and Gleason are basically doing their Batman and Robin thing again, just this time with Superman and Superboy. While part of me sees some cynical stuff in that, I more overwhelmingly thing it’s a pretty clever compare/contrast.

Green Lanterns #2

I think Jessica Cruz is the far more interesting character here, given how inexperienced she is along with her anxiety issues. It’s a pretty unique take on someone in a super hero costume. On the other side, I’m not sure I like how Baz is being written. “Green Lanterns are awesome, we do awesome stuff” or whatever he said… it just comes off kinda douchey and given the character’s history, his attitude in this book just seems misplaced. Art still ain’t so hot.

Sheriff of Babylon #8

How many books can get away with four pages of pretty much the same panel with varied facial expressions? Not many. But those four pages had me questioning everything I thought I knew about the character in them, wondering if they were getting ready to go “oh no wait, I’m pretty much the bad guy in hiding.” But no… it was a work, and for those four pages I was truly fooled into thinking what the book seemingly wanted me to think… Man, what a good book.

Moon Knight #4

I don’t know why I’m still reading this book. It’s not bad, but man I don’t give a fuck about Marvel anymore and what are the chances this book even hits double digits? It should be relaunched in Marvel Now, again, right? He’s crazy, twists, art looks fantastic… but man Marvel, I just don’t care.

Tokyo Ghost #8

Rick Remender gonna Rick Remender. This is like Game of Thrones… notice how whenever someone shares a touching moment in that show, some bad shit happens real quick? Oh happy wedding, DEAD. Here Davos, I’m your pal. BURNED. Let me tell you about your brother and how awesome he was. DEAD TOO. Here? Lovers reunited! Oh no, meme cyborg controls big guy to kill himself… Fucking Rick Remender AS SHIT. We can’t have nice things, none of us.

Black Science #22

Speaking of nice things, Grant McKay finds his daughter and literally destroys the nice things that were keeping three alien races at peace, and then he just fucks it all up from there. Turns out Pia did pretty okay, brokering galactic peace or something, and turns out, she doesn’t want to go back home with her narcissistic father, imagine that! Fun issue with a good amount of slapstick to counter balance the seriousness. Glad to have this one back from break, but it didn’t seem like it was gone for too long.

Paper Girls #7

This book is still so fucking strange! It goes from giant kaiju like dust mites attacking each other, for reasons, to fucking CANCER. I’m still not entirely sure just what the fuck this book is, but I can’t stop reading it because it’s batshit bananas crazy. There’s honestly not much more to say past that!

Nailbiter #23

This book has been going on all cylinders recently. Tons of crazy shit happening, getting more and more information about what’s actually going on, it’s all great… especially since my early criticism was that it took forever to get to the meaty parts sometimes. It really feels like the title is going to come to a crescendo at some point soon. Not necessarily a “the end” but so many big questions of the core that is at the center of this book seem about ready to be answered.

Revival #41

Well shit, this was perhaps the craziest issue of this book. Revivers escape. Characters were killed. Citizens went at war with the military. Babies? So much shit has been going on in these past couple of issues, I’ve forgotten what’s happening with some of the more quiet plots, like the guy Em and Dana are looking for because he apparently knows who killed Em… I don’t know why he knows what he knows! I forget what issue that was because there’s been too many ghosts killing people and I’m used to this book being sort of quiet for the most part! Good problem to have I guess?


  1. Rebirth in general has been great. It's mostly due to the bar that was set previously. Green arrow is SOOO much better now that he is not a werewolf for reasons. However this is what hurts justice league. Going from Johns and Fabok to an all Hitch mass effect rip off blows. He makes 3 references to his Rao storyline which wasn't even canon in the Nu52 and never even finished. No mention of where Shazam is, no Lex, and aquaman is back for reasons.
    Someone find out if Morrison wants JL back

  2. I guess maybe it helps not being a gamer, barely knowing what Mass Effect is, thanks Google, but I liked Justice League:Rebirth and I'm intrigued by how they are going to integrate Pre New 52 Superman and his whole deal and I appreciate how, at least for now, the books seem interconnected by theme. And, for the record, the fight with Rao is New 52's mentioned in Superman #51 as part of the reason (along with Darkseid War and Truth) why Superman is sick.

  3. The book was launched as a non canon book. Also how did Rao contribute to superman a death when the story never finished? Are we all supposed to assume superman did something off page to beat Rao that made him worse?

  4. My impression was that the physical abuse Superman sustained during that story contributed to his declining condition. Tomasi specifically referenced the Rao story as being part of the reason for his illness though. I believe DC does still intend to finish that story, although I'll be shocked if Hitch ends up drawing the rest of it.

    I really need to make time to re-read Sheriff from the beginning. It is really really good in installments but I still feel like I'm missing a lot as the details of previous issues escape my sieve of a brain.

    1. It is for sure a book that will read even better in trade.

  5. The two kaiju things in Paper Girls are actually tardigrades. Microscopic invertebrates who can survive in very extreme environments, including the vacuum of space. The Superman issue was very interesting in terms of relationships and it's just so good to watch Supes work. I am however very impatient to know the truth behind Oz and the true nature of this post-crisis Superman.