Wednesday, July 13, 2016

SPOILERS: Nightwing: Rebirth #1

Hey, I don't know if you heard, but Dick Grayson is going back to Nightwing, and it totally happens in this issue.

The Spoilers:

Dick is back in Gotham, spending time with Damian going over his recent past and his near future. Helena Bertinelli has left Spyral, but Dick thinks they'll keep in touch. Tiger is now head of Spyral and has changed the organization's direction for the better. Dick's "nemesis" Midnighter is still in the picture and ends up providing him with a device to get rid of the explosives in Damian's skull planted by the Court of Owls in Robin war.

Speaking of the Court, let's visit our old pal Lincoln March who rallies the Parliament of Owls to return to the shadows and really rule the world in secret... followed to a bolt to the eye, delivered by Raptor, who tells Lincoln he gets in his and the Owls way too much. 

Back in the Batcave, Dick disarms the bombs in Damian, but as far as the Court would be able to tell, they're still there. Bruce shows up, asks Dick if he really wants to get back in the game so soon, Dick puts on the Nightwing suit and is ready to take down the Owls from the inside on his own terms as Nightwing. 

The Opinion:

My biggest concern with Dick returning to Nightwing was heavily informed by New 52 practices... Just make the change and fuck everything that came before it. But, Rebirth has proven to a cynic like me that DC is really willing to do things right on both ends by going back to the familiar but not at the cost of what they got right to begin with. Keeping Tim Seeley in charge of Dick Grayson was a great first step, and allowing him to continue on with much of the ideas and supporting cast he helped develop in Grayson pretty much settled any fear I had of what I liked being thrown out. This issue basically serves as the real final issue of Grayson, it returns Dick back to his old identity, but makes it clear that he's taking some stuff with him. We may not immediately see the Nightwing, Huntress and Midnighter team-up that I so desperately want now, but it's clearly on the table. I also loved that the Court of Owls plot was subverted just a bit. I would have bet the play on that was Dick would be keeping a secret and "working" for the Court while trying to save his family, but him going into the mission on his own terms prevents this from being "Grayson, but with the Court of Owls." Also, how many times has Lincoln March been disregarded by the Court now? Three?

For some reason Yanick Paqutte and Nathan Fairbairn illustrated this issue, I'm not entirely sure why, as I feel like those two got better things to do (like Wonder Woman Earth One vol. 2) but I'm not going to complain about their first issue outside of Scott Snyder or Grant Morrison in forever. Book looked great, kinda sad it's the only one we get form this team, but oh well.


  1. Can we talk about how bad Damian's dialog is in this issue? I mean, Im the kinda of guy who considers everything not by Grant Morrison involving that character is non-canon, but this is a new level of bad. Every time he opened his mouth, its like "Who IS this character??? Who is this person!?"

    1. Well, it's Damian. He humbled up through the years, learned to appreciate his family beyond crime-fighting. It's actually really good character progression, given how most times characters in comics act the same regarless of their experiences.

    2. Yeah, the "I demand action figures!" line did throw me a bit, but the character progression for Damian has been good and plentiful.
      And I love that the Grayson team insists on writing him as soft as possible when he's paired with Dick, really shows off the brother relationship we lost when New 52 hit

  2. I got the sense from this issue that the Court of Owls and the Parliament of Owls are not actually working together, and the latter is sort of a franchised imitation of the former. I also didn't really like how unceremoniously Lincoln March got taken out, but I think it makes sense to do that because he really works better as a villain for Batman.