Wednesday, July 27, 2016

SPOILERS: Nightwing #1

Dick Grayson just seems to be addicted to being undercover.

The Spoilers:

The Rebirth issue set everything up pretty well: Dick is playing the Parliament of Owls. Damian isn't in danger, they don't know that, so he's going to use it to his advantage. This issue sees him conversing with Batman and Batgirl about it a bit, Batman encouraging Dick, Batgirl a little apprehensive of the danger he's stepping into, nevertheless, Dick is set on taking the owls down from the inside.

The owls on the other hand, aren't too pleased with Dick. He refuses to kill targets he's given, and Dick openly tells them he's no Talon and they can basically fuck off if they don't like it. In response, the Owls assign Dick a new "mentor" in the form of a man known as Raptor, who stole from the Owls, but his talents proved impressive and was brought into the fold by way of a sizable sum from the Owl checkbook. The two meet in Russia, and things don't go well for Dick, as Raptor beats him pretty fucking badly, claiming everything Batman taught him was wrong and he's gonna learn himself some new ways.

The Opinion: 

First off, I'll just say that I was a little apprehensive towards Fernandez's art when I first saw it. Just kind of looked... oddly shaped to me, if that makes sense. That said, the more this issue went on, the more I really started to like it. That page with Dick and Babs jumping off the bridge? Looks fantastic. In terms of plot, it was sort of a continuation of the Rebirth issue, we know the set up, so this time we just see Dick doing his owl thing and then get introduced to Raptor, who seems pretty hardcore, so it'll be interesting to see how he "trains" Dick. Great start to the series, definitely looking forward to next week's issue #2. 

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  1. The intro where raptor stops the zombie digging in the grave yard for the "coins" for the ferry man seems like it could link to green arrow. The burned working for the 9th circle place coins on their victims eyes after they kill them and the 9th circle virtual video meetings have had people wearing court of owls masks