Wednesday, July 20, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman #3

The shared universe thing goes real deep in this issue, and I love it.

The Spoilers:

Batman saved Hank Clover and his parents when he was young. He started to idolize Batman, and because he did, his younger sister Claire did as well. Bruce (as Matches Malone) speaks to the Clover parents and learns of their past, fining out that after heading out of country on an aid trip, the kids asked their parents for a large sum of money, got it, and when they came back, Gotham and Gotham Girl showed up in the city (parents totally suspect what they should). With what he learns, Bruce thanks the Clovers and leaves.

Not long after Bruce leaves, Alfred informs him of a suicide bomber on the bridge, another "monster men are coming" incident. Bruce arrives to help Gotham and Gotham Girl, who are struggling to hold up the bridge and rescue the people. But they eventually do and Bruce goes on his way. Later, there's another bombing which Gotham and Gotham Girl respond to, only to find Hugo Strange waiting for them, along with the patient we saw last issue: Psycho Pirate.

The Opinion:

Favorite issue of the series yet. It didn't go by in a blink due to it being primarily being action... I mean, there was action, but there was some meat to it to. What I love is the fact that this book is going all out and firmly establishing itself as a part of the DCU. My biggest criticism of the previous book, one which I barely felt the need to actually voice was that it was so isolated feeling... fucking everything in the New 52 felt isolated from everything else, unless a crossover demanded it. PSYCHO PIRATE? I mean, Hugo Strange is obvious, but fucking Psycho Pirate? That's great. 

Danny Miki took over full inking duties and he needs to stay. Finch is a guy who seems to be changing inkers all the time, I don't know if he's not happy with various inkers, wishes he could do them himself or what... but Danny Miki really needs to be the inker of the book. Like when he joined Batman the last time, his line work is just so refined. Thin, but never too thin, but deep and bold when he needs it. His work definitely made this issue stand out from the previous two. 


  1. Agreed 100%. Danny Miki makes Finch's detail-heavy linework shine in a way his other inkers can't figure out.

  2. I'm really starting to like Gotham and Gotham Girl. I love that exchange between them after the bridge incident.

  3. Guessing Gotham & Gotham Girl somehow purchased their powers, and that was why they asked their dad for money? That kind of thing never seems to end well.