Wednesday, July 6, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman #2

DC said these books would come out every two weeks, well it has been THREE! 0 stars! Rebirth is a failure! I AM BROKEN MATT HARDY FHIZ NOW!

The Spoilers:

Grundy is (back in regular continuity) and on the run, and while Gotham and Gotham Girl are capable of taking care of them, they're not up to Batman's speed. Bruce is skeptical of them, but he sees their benefit, telling Alfred that once he dies, Dick will take his place, then Dick dies, and so on. Gotham could use a Superman. Elsewhere, a man walks into Gordon's office to confess to freeing Grundy, while warning that the monster men are coming, asking "aren't?" before he slashes his own throat. 

Summoned by Gordon, Bruce decides to introduce Gotham and Gotham Girl. Gordon is hardly surprised by the two new super heroes and continues to give Bruce the details. Bruce claims to know nothing of the "monster men" and does his disappearing act, surprising even Gotham, who can't even use his X-Ray vision to find him. 

Elsewhere, Dr. Hugo Strange is clearly influencing a patient while Amanda Waller watches on, joined by a Government/military looking dude General Lane who congratulates her on saving Gotham, to which she replies "someone had to."

The Opinion:

My thoughts on this book so far are kind of all over the place... It is moving quickly, but is sort of decompressed. I think a lot of it has to do with personal expectations set for Tom King taking over the title. Sheriff of Babylon, Grayson, Vision, Omega Men, all these books are real deep in various ways, yet this book so far seems like an easy to digest super hero title, which King has openly spoken about aiming to do, and that's fine... By all means, I've not been flat out disappointed, both these issues so far have been good, they're just seemingly lacking substance, the substance I've come to expect from King's writing. It's weird. 

I will say that I loved the inclusion of Grundy and Amanda Waller. Both characters lend to that "okay, Rebirth really is trying to establish a cohesive universe again" feeling. King's humor for Alfred is also real fucking dry, and I love it. 

Art's good too. Danny Miki has started inking Finch which is cool, he's great at his job... I still think Jordie Bellaire steals the show. Wonder if she's going to color Mikel Janin as well or if June Chung or Jeromy Cox will?


  1. The military guy had 'Lane' on his uniform, so I'm thinking that's Lois' dad.

  2. It is lois dad. Gwneral Lane confirmed on Newsarama by King

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  4. Also, because you brought him up, Broken Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt, no disqualifications. Who wins?

  5. Strange's patient, "Roger" has to be a Rebirth'd Psycho Pirate (alias Roger Hayden), right?

    Also, if Tom King wrote a 12-issue mini about Alfred, I'd buy a dozen.