Wednesday, July 20, 2016

SPOILERS: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: Rebirth #1

The birds are back in town, the birds are back in town!

The Spoilers:

Oracle! Babs was it. She was Batgirl, got shot, took up a computer screen and started the Birds of Prey with Black Canary. Then she had the surgery, Dinah thought Babs didn't need her anymore and the Birds were done... except for that other series that happened in the New 52, but let's not talk about what that mess turned into. 

Cut to today, Batgirl is doing Batgirl things after the globetrotting trip in her own book (thanks for the specifications, DC) and she comes across a thug with some info from Oracle. Turns out there's an info broker calling themselves Oracle, giving out info to mob bosses. Babs finds Dinah, who is a bit apprehensive to get involved, but eventually does and they go out looking for Mr. Pepperoni, as the uninvested Dinah calls him, mob boss linked to all this. Speaking of mob bosses! Helena Bertinelli is in Gotham, Spyral implant deactivated, looking to right the wrongs committed against her family in blood... usual early Huntress stuff. Crosses paths with Babs and Dinah, has a little tiff, knows exactly who they are thanks to her days as Matron, "Oracle" watches on, knowing exactly who Barbara Gordon is as well.

The Opinion:

I have high hopes for this series, still do. While this wasn't a "OH FUCK!" blow me out of the water issue, the Benson sisters and Claire Roe got the job done and I'm really looking forward to the book developing more. Things we have to remember: Rebirth isn't a total retcon, we're sticking to a lot of the New 52 stuff while incorporating stuff we all missed... That said, it makes sense that this trio aren't total BFFs, we've got to start from square one again, in most respects... mainly Helena. If you remember early on in Gail Simone's run, Helena was the odd one out and at odds with the team for quite a while. What doesn't make sense here, and what is possibly the thing that bugged me the most about this issue was Dinah... Like when she was introduced in the Stewart/Fletcher/Tarr Batgirl, she's kind of got some animosity towards Babs. It's not as bad here, but given how much they developed back into being best friends again here, Dinah's desire to do anything but help Barbara comes off as a tad bit confusing.

Claire Roe really impressed me on art. I was completely unfamiliar with her prior to this series, but she really made an impression. Her style reminds me of a cross between Rafael Albuquerque and Cameron Stewart, two artists who I really like a lot, so that combo works out pretty well. Allan Passalaqua's colors also stood out a lot, most notably during the Huntress confession scene.

Final note... I hope the "Oracle" bad guy isn't Calculator. Fuck Calculator. Boring as all hell and overplayed in the past series. I really, really, really don't like Calculator. 

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  1. So far so good I think. Roe's art was not my favorite in places - her Batgirl looks weird. A lot of this is recap but that's been pretty standard for many of the Rebirth books. Overall I liked it and am really glad to have a real BoP book again. The first year or so of the N52 version was pretty good but it flew off the rails pretty quickly after that. Back to basics = the right approach.