Thursday, July 14, 2016

Looking Forward: July 20th, 2016

Ah the week of SDCC, with the Rebirth momentum, maybe DC will announce a good amount of stuff? ...god damn it, I do this to myself every year.
  • Batman #3: Batman's going to punch Hugo Strange in the face at some point, that's a given.
  • Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: Rebirth #1: I want this book to be good, so badly, you don't even know. I love me some BoP. I hope Helena's time as Matron isn't swept under the rug like Catwoman's time as a mob boss. Still think this doesn't need Batgirl's name in it. Ah well. 
Solicits are due to hit that Monday as well, so if DC has any immediate books to announce for October, they'll be announced before SDCC... Teen Titans is launching in October? I'm actually looking forward to that now since Green Arrow has really turned my opinion on Ben Percy. Chances on Super Sons, Earth 2, or JLA being a thing? Super Sons is pretty much the only one I'd predict to happen this year at some point... but it makes you wonder, what's going wrong there?

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  1. Haha dude you're kind of an announcement junkie. :). They just relaunched the entire line - many of those books aren't even out yet. Unless they're going to drop a big Vertigo relaunch, how much more stuff could there possibly be?