Friday, July 8, 2016

Detective Comics #936 Preview

Kate and Renee? Check that off on the "Rebirth fixes" list. When are we getting Nightwing vs Deathstroke?

(Source: Comics Alliance)


  1. Renee being in this was such a nice surprise. And she's apparently going to be at least a semi-regular. Plus there's a bit more development on Kate's character arc, which sounds awesome; starting out wanting to be a leader, losing that opportunity, having doubts about it now, and then being forced into that kind of role in an emergency. Guh, that's so good.

    I feel spoiled with this series. It's giving me so many things I want.

  2. Nightwing vs Deathstroke. I need more of this in my life.

  3. That looks like a blatant Worf trope. And Kate and co. will stomp 30 in 2 weeks...


    1. I think the team is all going to get stomped in #936, due to them not working together effectively yet. Or from being ambushed. Or a combination. I have faith that if they lose, it'll be an "earned" loss and not just PIS or whatever.

  4. Oh, it's already confirmed we're getting a Titans vs. Deathstroke story at some point. Priest has gone ahead and said as much, also that he's been talking to Dan Abnett about it so there are definitely plans in the works. Brett Booth has also mentioned wanting to use Deathstroke at some point, so it all makes sense. Plus, Nightwing is mentioned by Priest more than you may expect. In fact, with Rebirth, Dick is back as Rose's official mentor.

    Apparently, Deathstroke #4 will be Slade and Rose vs. Batman and Damian, with a few Nightwing references.