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Stack Rundown, 06/12/2016

For a good number of months, my weekly timeline was read the Batman books on Wednesday, then don't read anything until Saturday or Sunday, because comics were draining. I'm now starting to read all the Rebirth titles on Wednesday, so by the time Sunday comes around to write them up, it feels like I read them FOREVER ago. Pretty happy to be reading regularly again.

Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1

I love Wonder Woman. Unfortunately she became a character who was pretty hard to read during that last stretch of the New 52 between her solo’s new creative team and then being shoved into the New 52iest of the New 52 concept relationship with Superman. Cue Greg Rucka returning, which is something I thought never would happen, and here we are, with Diana confused to all hell as to who she actually is. The whole concept of this story is that Diana’s origin story is fucking messed up. People keep changing it, which is fitting since she’s sort of a mythic figure, but nevertheless, she wants to sort it all out… So what does she do? Use the lasso of truth on her self. Not sure if that’s ever happened, but I thought it was a real fantastic way to kick this whole story off. Cool start, really looking forward to seeing where Ruck, Sharp and Scott take all this (still a little bummed Black Magick is on hiatus though).

The Flash: Rebirth #1

I feel like I started reading The Flash in New 52 because of the art. Manapul’s work was definitely something to behold. Then I just sort of lost interest after awhile, so I’m still a little concerned about my long term investment here, but nevertheless, this series seems to be off to a good start. Definitely really surprised to see how much of the Watchmen stuff is followed up on, thought that was sort of a “we’re going to leave this here and let you simmer for a bit” sort of last page reveal, but here we are, more Wally and Batman. Don’t know how much is going to continue past this, but it was kind of cool to see. My only problem with this issue was that I felt that the abbreviated retelling of the Barry/Wally scene from Rebirth sort of broke this issue’s flow up, and on top of that, you’re taking such an emotional scene and doing the cliff notes version of it, no one is getting anything good out of it. Other than that, I thought the issue was good, nice art, I’ll see where it goes for a bit.

Action Comics #957

I’m not a big fan of Dan Jurgens’ writing. I’ve found all the recent stuff he’s written that I’ve ended up reading to be pretty boring. That said, he had some good things said about this Lois and Clark series, and the Superman line is sort of crazier than it has ever been since like… the Death of Superman, so I figured I’d give this a shot… BOY things are fucking crazy. So we got pre-New 52 Superman, then there’s Lex Luthor as Superman, then there’s fucking Clark Kent, well aware that he died, and then because why not, Doomsday shows up. I could hate Superman and there’d still be enough weird shit going on in here for me to go “well, I need to see what happens next” and considering I don’t hate Superman, it’s a safe bet that I REALLY need to see what happens next, because what the fuck. Good job.

Sheriff of Babylon #7

That moment when you ask yourself what that sound effect is for only to realize someone is shitting themselves to fuck with the guys torturing him. So we got three main characters, one is getting tortured, one is dealing with a miscarriage due to surviving an assassination attempt and the other is just on base eating lunch with a cat. One of those issues where it basically goes “HEY! Fucked up shit!” Basically everyone is trying to get to this one extremist, because he bad, obviously, and there’s a whole bunch of grey shit going on around it. Still a great book.

The Vision #8

The more and more I read from this series, I figure out how weird the whole continuity surrounding Ultron is. Vision has a brother! Sure! I don’t know anymore. He’s got a fucking dog, so he might as well have a robot brother, right? Apparently that brother was supposed to be secretively bad, but turned good, but he seems like he may be a little unhinged due to that last page? With four more issues of this series left, you can tell based off this ending that things are about to get real fucking dark, if they haven’t been already.

The Wicked + The Divine #20

So, this issue answered a good number of questions by basically going “you know that thing? WELL THE OLD SWITCHAROO!” and on top of that, the readers learned that while certain characters were playing others in the book, the readers were getting played too, with previous deaths not being what they seemed. Pretty clever. Wonder how much more they’ve got in the tank for this book. Seems like the big climax is an arc or two away, if not sooner. Can’t imagine this story wraps up and they move on to the next or something.

Revival #40

Revival is a methodical book. We’ll get issues that seem sort of slow paced and not a lot happens on the surface, but there’s always something else going on… then there will be issues like this one where everything goes to shit. People are betrayed, people are caught, people are killed and a whole bunch more shit just hits the fan. These are the kind of issue of the series that I love, when it all goes to hell and things start popping off. I mean… Rhodey gnawing his own hand off, to carve into a shank, so he can kill the guards and lead an army of dead souls… not quite your standard small isolated town issue.

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  1. I know this is crazy, but i think Batwoman's dad is behind the colony over in detective. He has military experience, distrusts batman, has a haircut and collar that are somewhat reminiscent of their shadowy leader, and coincidentally would try to warn his daughter if he was going to be going after her friends. Just a thought.