Sunday, June 5, 2016

Stack Rundown, 06/05/2016

Pretty decent week of books. Read all the Rebirth titles, bunch of good Image books and Moon Knight has been pretty cool. There was something I wanted to put in this section that I was thinking of last night, but eh, I forgot I guess.

Green Arrow Rebirth #1

I didn’t like Ben Percy’s last run on Green Arrow. Read about three issues of it, thought it was nonsensical garbage pretty quickly, so you can see why I was a bit hesitant going into this book. But it did get good buzz and I’m pretty much planing on reading most Rebirth one shots, so here I am… and I liked it. Pretty much back to basics, no dumb killer minority report spider robots, Oliver isn’t a werewolf for some fucking reason, etc. Just Green Arrow and Black Canary, which is a combination that just works. The only thing I didn’t like was that it was a bit too on the nose in some points with Oliver’s bleeding heart liberal bit. Like this dude is literally calling himself a social justice warrior. I’m not sure if Ben Percy is trying to take back ownership of that term, or is just oblivious to the fact it’s a term mostly used by shitbags who tell women on twitter that they’re going to rape and murder them. But other than being a bit too heavy handed, it was a good start, definitely planning on on continuing to read it, and hopefully that means the Damian lead Teen Titans will also be good?

Green Lanterns Rebirth #1

I don’t care about Hal Jordan anymore. Even Rebirth hasn’t spurred that interest back up. That said, I read GL for a long time and there’s a spot in my heart for that lore, so give a book to two rookies who don’t know what they’re doing, and okay, maybe I’ll check it out… and I did, and it was pretty entertaining. Instead of Hal Jordan, we have Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, two characters who were introduced yet didn’t do much, because let’s be honest, mid-New 52 Geoff Johns was sort of all over the place and unfocused. So, giving these two characters a purpose and that purpose is to protect earth while the rest of the human Corps members are away… and considering they don’t know what they’re doing, there’s plenty of room for hijinks, and I think that’s pretty fun. It was a good start. Maybe I’ll drop the book when it inevitably gets involved in a crossover, that’s what GL books do, right? But for now, it seems fun.

Superman Rebirth #1

The Last Days of Superman sort of went out on a whimper. New 52 Superman just sorta died and that was that. My fear going into this issue after the preview was that this book would be Pre-New 52 Superman would just be trying to get New 52 Superman back to life, which… just doesn’t seem necessary. But he won’t and that’s that. It was alright, just reminding us that this is old Superman who died to Doomsday. But want to make your head hurt? So Wally came back right, basically said that the New 52 universe was the old universe, fucked with, with time removed, right? So that would mean that universe was always the regular universe, yet Convergence tells us pre-New 52 universe was it’s own thing and how much you want to bet no one gives a shit about Convergence. Pre-New 52 Superman and this whole Rebirth uber story just seem at odds with each other, but lolcomics, whatever.

Moon Knight #3

Moon Knight is still crazy and now he’s embracing the crazy? Sure. Not a whole lot to say about this issue, after these three issues sort of all blend into one. This issue was pretty much the same as the last issue which was kind of the same as the first. It’s all neat, the art and how it portrays the story is beautiful, but while I’m enjoying it quite a bit, I’m getting concerned that it will be a one trick pony. Curious if it will change up at all in arc two… or the next #1 when Marvel Now (again) relaunches it in the fall… HAHA. We all know Captain America is getting another new #1 in the fall right? Get mad again! I don’t know!

Deadly Class #21

Holy fucking shit. Half the cast of this book just got DROPPED. Ranging from minimal side characters to the main fucking character… just straight up killed. No one is safe in this book. I read Fear Agent and thought anyone was on the table there, but damn… not like this. Let’s just put it this way: So many characters died (or looked to have died) in this book, that the most common thought I saw on twitter was “is this book ending soon?” and apparently it isn’t! How the hell they continue on past this issue, into even more issues, is way beyond me.

Nailbiter #22

Nailbiter keeps biting. Another issue and we get just a bit more information about the secrets around the town, like how the Blonde never actually killed anyone and how Nailbiter and Crane might have had something to do with the creation of the Butcher. Like usual, the book is progressing at a steady/deliberate pace, but no big shocks or anything this issue. Curious to see what Williamson does on The Flash.

Paper Girls #6

Paper Girls is back and it’s still so fucking weird! I still don’t have an idea as to what is going on! So the girls are in the future, and meet middle-aged Erin, but then there’s weird teen speak Erin too!? What? Apparently if the girls don’t make it back to their time the world ends or something? What? I have no idea why anything is happening, it is weird as shit, and the art looks great… Pretty great combination of factors there. I know that if this was any other book, “I have no idea why anything is happening” would be a major point in the “negative” section, but this book just makes it all up with weirdness and style.

The Goddamned #4

This book seemed to do a quick vanishing act out of nowhere then came back this month and I sort of went “Oh shit, that book!” Kind of forgot it was a thing… Sorry! Anyways, more Cain just being miserable wanting to die, until he doesn’t. Still love how informal, gritty and how much swearing there is in this book… It makes the bible fun!


  1. At the end of the day, it does make sense that the most villanous villain proteges would survive in Deadly Class. Going to be very curious to see us readers becoming "fans" of the survivors.

  2. At some point we're going to learn that New 52 Superman was some sort of artificial construct inserted into history by Doctor Manhattan or some such, and that pre-52 Superman has always been this world's "real" Superman. There will be some metaphysical discussion of how Superman is the center of the DC Universe, and that the universe changes itself around him - hence a different origin for the Justice League, etc. My pet theory is that DC wasn't planning Rebirth when they started the Lois & Clark title and, once they decided on the Rebirth direction, had to do some convoluted explaining to fit Superman in.

    And man it is really flippin' convoluted.

    1. I also expect an on the fly, convoluted explanation for Post-Crisis/Pre-New52 Superman's presence in the New 52 universe. Relatedly, I won't be surprised if they either ignore Convergence altogether, or maybe come up with some distorted explanation for what it was really all about -- like Telos being an agent or proxy for Dr. Manhattan toying with reality or something like that.

      To me it's just painfully obvious Convergence was never meant to amount to much of anything. Just a stop-gap to try and bring back old characters and capitalize on nostalgia. Except a lot of the fans who wanted the old characters had already been chased away by the New 52, or weren't taking the bait because they saw it for the inconsequential story it was.

    2. It doesn't need to be that complicated at all. There are always multiple booster golds running around well the main macguffin of convergence was brainiac gaining access to the time nexus. All he was doing was pulling people like superman from a fractional point in time. It's exactly like the whole time remnant concept they just used in the flash TV show

  3. I had New 52 fatigue and I'm heartened by the first batch of Rebirth titles. I hope that it leads to some reinvigoration of the line and I can get invested in more than just Bat-books again. I like it when I can care about the whole DCU. The twice monthly schedule for a lot of the core titles worries me a bit. If things start to get delayed, that will be frustrating. At the same time, I'd hate to see rushed scripts and mediocre fill-in artists to make deadlines. Hopefully DC doesn't end up sacrificing quality for monthly market share... Also, here's hoping we get some more diamond in the rough titles like Grayson and Omega Men. Rebirth seems to be going back to a lot of Meat and Potatoes core characters. Understandable, but I'm totally willing to support fringe books if they're original and creative.

    1. That's a very deliberate choice. They've said they're trying to include characters who aren't A-list in books about A-list characters so those characters have a better chance at getting their stories told. That's probably why Detective Comics has become a team book, because it allows them to draw people in with Batman while still telling a story that's partly about less well-known characters.

  4. You can probably find better definitions of Social Justice Warriors on Urban Dictionary. ;)