Thursday, June 9, 2016

SPOILERS: Black Canary #12

Black Canary comes to an end as Black Canary hits the road solo... HAR HAR, it's confusing because Black Canary refers to multiple identities! Words!

The Spoilers

This book isn't afraid to get weird, and it goes out on a weird one. After being stabbed, Dinah sees her life after quitting Black Canary and going solo. It's one of those sad rock and roll tales where there's some highs but then it just gets sad. All the while, Ravedeath, which I believe is the demon she's been fighting in the series, really messes up the world and drives humanity underground, all while Dinah refuses to rejoin the Justice League because the music is more important. 

Ditto finally snaps Dinah out of it, she sees her mother, learns that Five Heaven's Palm thing has been in her all the time, gets healed in the real world because Ditto is god or something, and then uses the FHP and wins the day! Everyone is happy, then her husband is dead or something now! I don't know! The New 52 died, he might as well too. So what happens to the band? They welcome Bo Meave back, but no one remembers Ditto. Sure. Dinah strikes it on her own to grace Birds of Prey and Green Arrow. 

The Opinion:

So yeah, weird one. In all the Rebirth noise, I completely forgot that Dinah got stabbed or something last issue, so when the first half of the issue was weird flash forwards, I was pretty confused. I don't know, I appreciate how weird this series got. Definitely wasn't expecting it, but as with moth series ending due to other big shit happening, it just really didn't do anything for me. That said, it was nice to get one last hit of Annie Wu Black Canary art before the end.

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