Wednesday, June 1, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman: Rebirth #1

What do Tom King and Scott Snyder have to say about their runs on the new Batman titles? Well... I don't know... Lark? I think? Calendar Man is pretty weird now too...

The Spoilers:

So if the one thing you were holding out hope for in Rebirth was a really back to the roots Calendar Man, well then... wrap that up right now, Rebirth ain't for you. He's back, and he ages with the seasons until Winter where he "molts" his old body for a new one, coming back slightly different with all his memories retained. So it's up to Batman and Duke... Robin... Lark? to find his weather machine that is accelerating the seasons as well as putting out spores into the air that'll kill everything when spring hits. Annnnnd, they do. Calendar Man still molts. That's that for now... Oh, also, Bruce gets his fortune back.

The Opinion:

I'm not sure what to think about this issue. I thought it was neat, not mind blowing, but I'm not going to base my expectations of Batman or All-Star Batman on this, because unlike what I was thinking this issue would be, it wasn't a lead-in to either of those series, which is why I was sort of caught off guard. That said, I am glad Duke isn't going to be straight up Robin. Already voiced my opinion on Snyder refusing to write Damian and the idea of then replacing him with another character, so no need to get into that. Glad Duke is going to be something "new." Although I kind of hope it's not "Lark." That's just a bad hero name... it's like one letter away from being the noise you make when you puke. Mikel Janin and June Chung's art was fantastic. Kind of wish he'd be leading off on the series compared to David Finch, but good things come to those who wait, I guess, and if this is any indication, Janin's issues should be stunning.

So anyways, cool start, I guess. Just wish it was a bit more relevant to the future stories... it'll probably become super relevant when Calendar Man is revealed to be someone's big bad in a year or so.

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