Wednesday, June 15, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman #1

It's not often when you get to see what truly is the beginning of a new era of the main Batman book. Last one was nearly five years ago.

The Spoilers:

Kobra has stollen three missile launchers, the GCPD have recovered two, but the last one remains missing, and Gordon has turned to Batman to find it... unfortunately they both find it as a rocket hits an overhead plane, leading it to plummet towards the city. With the League occupied elsewhere, Bruce has to rely on the remote help of Duke and Alfred, as he tries to land the plane safely in the water. 

As a figure who seemingly killed the Kobra soldier who launched the rocket watches on, it becomes apparent that Bruce will not be able to get the plane to the needed angle and survive the crash from atop the plane. As Bruce accepts the inevitable and starts to tell Alfred to get his things arranged, essentially, the plane is lifted up, as if by Superman, but Bruce soon finds himself faced with Gotham and Gotham Girl, who claim that Gotham City is their home and they are here to protect it.

The Opinion:

So, to get this out there, I thought the issue was a fun start, that said, it was super actiony from start to finish, which didn't really allow me to get a sense of what Tom King is individually bringing to Batman, after delivering damn near masterpieces with titles like Sherriff of Babylon, Vision and Omega Men. I'm sure that will come later and hey, there's another issue in two weeks, but I still just found this to be thin in a way... Also not really digging how Bruce constantly calls Duke "Mister Thomas," sounds weirdly too formal, as if it was how Alfred would address him.

Art looked good. David Finch is a dude who you look at his art and go "yeah, he should draw Batman." And I think he's fine, but every now and then you get a panel which just doesn't look so hot, be it awkward posing, weird faces or just oddly long necks. The colors on the other hand, boy am I happy. Jordie Bellaire has made quite the name for herself on various books for Image, Marvel and more, but to my knowledge, she hasn't done a lot of work for DC until now, and Batman is a great place to start. If we're going to make the inside lining of Batman's cape purple, you're god damn right Jordie Bellaire better be coloring it! Even now I'm typing this up and looking at twitter and she's pointing out that the Animated Series is a major color influence, and I'm just so pleased. So while I may find a panel here and there a little awkward in terms of the line art, I'm really happy she will be coloring it, because the book is just a beauty. 


  1. I also have a lot of faith in Tom King at this point. Omega men was unreal and he has already had a run in the "bat world" with Grayson. I loved the amount of easter eggs thrown in, flying the plane between the Kane and Finger buildings was great. On a side note I am very anxious to see your review on the dark night last crusade.... I really can't put a finger on how I feel after that one

  2. I thought that while there was some great material in there (specifically Batman and Jim's interactions), it came off as a little stilted and awkward. I loved King's Grayson stuff, so I'm obviously going to keep reading, but it seemed a little simple for him.

  3. I got the same feeling from this that I got from batman issue 1 by Snyder/Capullo. really good and well made but not a masterpiece...yet. seeing as how it feels like pretty much everything tom king writes is a work of genius and he is probably the best living comic book writer I think he will create a run on par or maybe even superior to the previous runs by Snyder and Morrison.