Thursday, June 16, 2016

Looking Forward: June 22nd, 2016

Hey look, it's our first instance of "boy, these books really are coming out quicker now."
  • Detective Comics #935: Batman squares off against an army of Arkham Knights?
  • Harley Quinn #29: Not a Rebirth issue, but it still has a Rebirth style cover, so I don't know, meta humor?
Should also get a look at September's solicitations next week. Don't think there are many new books launching outside of Supergirl and Super Sons, which they're going to have to announce a creative team for, at some point. I guess that Justice League of America book was also announced to hit in September, but who wants to bet it is getting pushed back (or never happens!)?


  1. Bryan Hitch's CURRENT JLA book got cancelled before it could even finish, so I doubt that a new JLA title ever happens -- unless somehow they relaunch and use it to finish his JLA story or something. But otherwise, yeah, I don't see how (or why -- what's the point even?) it ever happens.

    1. I don't think so. The new JLA book is expected to focus on the Justice Society, and since Hitch is working the mainstream JL book, the creative writer'll likely be somebody else.
      Also, i think Batwoman's dad is behind the colony over in Detective.

    2. I'm going to bet a book that focuses on the Justice Society of America isn't going to be called Justice League of America.

    3. Bleeding Cool said it was. Besides, why tease the return in the first place?

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