Sunday, May 29, 2016

Stack Rundown, 05/29/2016

Shorter post than it normally would be, as I have already written about Rebirth, Superman and Justice League, so you can check that out here. Other than that, looking forward to Rebirth kicking off in full next week, I'll be reading stuff from a lot of corners of the DCU that I haven't read in a good long time.

Omega Men #12

Well, for a book as bleak as this, you got to figure that the ending would go the way it did as in “Nothing got better!” and on top of that, Kyle seems to have lost all faith in everything, hooray he’s broken now! Let’s run it down, when the Viceroy fell, the Omega Men went there separate ways. So one is a wanted fugitive, the peaceful one became a leader who fired upon peaceful protests, the cat guy’s people had no war to fight so they just started fighting themselves, and the Queen is just as bad as the Viceroy. Way to go Kyle. In a book filled with shades of grey, it ends on pretty much the greyest of the grey.

Cry Havoc #5

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve become a bit lost in the story. Not really sure what the whole objective is for a lot of characters and no one really speaks plainly. I still appreciate the format of the storytelling, but a lot of the larger concepts are just starting to get lost on me. I’m close enough to the end of this arc, so clearly I might as well just stick with it to see what happens, but we’ll have to see, I guess.

Tokyo Ghost #7

Not many books can get away with some girl dressed up like Sailor Moon pissing is some dude’s face… nor can they get away with giant hentai tentacle monster carnival rides, but yet, here we are, in Tokyo Ghosts’ futuristic media obsessed western interpretation of Japan… and then Debbie comes a kills a whole lot of people, so that’s pretty cool. But then she kills the dude with no pants, and the Meme guy goes all OP, so that’s bad. Really looking forward to however Debbie and Led reunite. It’ll either be really heartwarming or tragic… or somewhere depressingly in the middle, as it is what I expect from Remender books.

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  1. I feel the same way about Cry Havoc. I just came back to the title to start reviewing it again and even after rereading everything and the latest issue in a row, I'm having difficulty to following things. Plus, it didn't help that barely anything happen in the issue and the main character has done nothing outside of the flashbacks in London.

    I'm not feeling this one as I originally did.