Sunday, May 22, 2016

Stack Rundown, 05/22/2016

T'was the week before Rebirth, and all through the house... Yep, that's pretty much where I stopped thinking about that one. Was going to throw a Berganza joke in there, but just too many syllables to try and cut down.

But anyways, I read jack shit this week. Initially it was just one other issue, then I decided to pick up Invincible despite last month, because I just literally had nothing else to read.

Superman/Wonder Woman #29

I think what has ultimately become the disappointing part of this story is the fact that there's nothing more past this random idiot claiming to be Superman. Like... Superman is supposed to die (he probably won't, probably just lose his powers and run around human like the Action Comics solicits suggest... way to go back to the basics, DC) and it's all because of this random dude who randomly just got his powers due to some random ass light orb? There's nothing more to this? There's just nothing interesting about the antagonist... just some dude who is delusional and thinks he's Superman. No last page reveals, no nothing... just some dude. Superman is going to "die" because of some dude. SOME DUDE. I'd refer to him as something else, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't even have a name. Superman is going to do "die" because of SOME DUDE with NO NAME. Batman wouldn't die to some dude, just saying.

Invincible #128

So last month I read "there was someone else" and went "GOD DAMN IT" and decided I wasn't going to read it anymore. The last thing I wanted was some new long drawn out drama between Mark and Eve, which would be like the 17th instance within this book so far... just like how Mark has gone to some different dimension or been lost in space or time 17 different times before. But here we are... #128 and Mark goes "Yeah I get it, I was gone for five years." Oh... oh. So we're not doing this drama? PLEASE? Can we just leave it at that? Eve's happy Mark is back, Mark is happy he's back, let's just move past this, yeah? I say this full well knowing issue #145 is going to be the return of SOME DUDE Eve dated briefly, but until then, I guess I'm back on board? I mean, I read 127 prior issues of this, I might as well keep on going, right?


  1. Yeah, I'm not gonna lie, I REALLY hope Denny Swan doesn't kill Superman. Like, say what you will about the New 52 Superman, I think he deserves better.

    Also, it just occurred to me: The Earth 0 of the New 52 is called Prime Earth... ... ...Dear sweet Lord, Denny Swan is the new Superbitch Prime. lol

    1. I'm mainly reading the "Last Days of Superman" arc to see if it piques my interest for the new Superman status quo in Rebirth. I generally like Tomasi's work, so I'm optimistic he might inject a little energy into the Super-books. I haven't really cared for Gene Luen Yang or Greg Pak's runs the past year or so. (That's also partly due to the fact that Superman's identity was revealed and he lost his powers -- which is partly what's killing him here, apparently, since he had to ingest Kryptonite to get them back because... I don't know. Didn't read it.)

      Anyhoo, I have no idea what the deal with fire-light Superman is or why we should care about Denny Swan.