Sunday, May 15, 2016

Stack Rundown, 05/15/2016

Four books, four different companies. Got to like that, kept remembering what I had left to read this week pretty darn easy.

Action Comics #52

For however enjoyable this story has been, it has some weak last page teasers. Maybe it doesn’t matter so much since it’s technically a weekly book, but the last pages are always just like… the equivalent of making a fart noise with your mouth. “Superman is dying!” Yeah, no shit, literally the first words of the story. “We’re going to fight!” well, you don’t say! With all the Rebirth implications, just spell something out already rather than relying on the information that readers already know about the new books.

Vision #7

Robots having sex with the peoples! For whatever reason, this issue just weirded me out. It relied on a lot of old Marvel history between Vision and the Scarlet Witch, which I’m not very caught up on. I believe I remember something about Witch being kind of fucking crazy at a point, so by the time where she gives Vision her brainwaves which he’d use to make Virginia, I’m sitting there just going “Well, how could this possibly go wrong!?” while earlier events in the series become clearer and clearer.

Southern Bastards #14

This issue was kind of an episode of King of the Hill, only with more violence and racism. Earl’s mixed race daughter comes back to Alabama and guess what, people are sort of shitty. They like mowing their lawn, talking about football, and being racist. In the end, Robertta just goes “fuck this place” and heads to Craw County in order to find out what happened to her father. This arc has been pretty great in stacking the cards against Coach Boss, and Robertta being a hardened badass now out to get him too makes the potential of this next arc that much better.

Archie #8

Hey everybody, it’s Archie, the nice feel good family friendly book everybody loves… now with some super fucked up psychological warfare going on. Seriously, Lodge’s plan to give Archie’s dad a promotion that would take him out of town and allow his family’s life to be set financially, all knowing Archie wouldn’t be able to tell his dad the real reason why IS SUUUUUUUPER FUCKED UP. I’m sitting there reading this book saying “holy shit” to myself, because god damn, that’s next level vindictive. Of course, it doesn’t happen, and we have heartwarming reasons as to why, but STILL. Man!

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