Sunday, May 8, 2016

Stack Rundown, 05/08/2016

Can we all agree that "Martha" was the stupidest fucking part of that movie? "Oh hey Superman, I'm going to murder you--WHAT DID YOU SAY? We best friends now! I failed you in life but I won't fail you in death WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT!?"

Gah... stupid movie.

Batman/Superman #23

So, while I’ve enjoyed this story so far, despite it feeling a bit decompressed recently, I’m asking myself, who’s the bad guy here? Is there really an antagonist?  We’ve got what, three issues left and it’s just really Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman going around the world looking for some dude with Superman’s powers, while Superman goes, “I’m dying, booooo.” At this point, I feel like I’m just that brat kid at a petting zoo who is poking the lazy animal going “c’mon, do something.”

Midnighter #12

I’m going to miss this series a lot. Midnighter flat out telling people, in a detailed outline, of how he’s going to murder their face, never got old. This did the sort of thing that I hate when a series ends, where the bad guy gets away and there’s a teaser for it potentially getting picked up again… but it’s not gonna, we all know it. Unless Midnighter shows up in Supergirl, which Steve Orlando is writing next, then these plot threads aren’t happening again. Don’t do that to me!

New Suicide Squad #20

Whenever there’s a character who I like but feel needs a new voice writing them, I always go to Seeley. I’ve found the Harley Quinn stuff to be pretty one-note recently, given how much of it there is, and how repetitive it has gotten, so I read this issue and go “I WANT SEELEY TO WRITE HARLEY.” My comic desires are pretty fucking one-note too. Just give everything to Seeley and I’ll finally be happy. I mean… “Jelly fish god in the toilet tank.” COME ON. I need more of this. Like Midnighter, I’m going to miss this version of this book too. Seeley is a perfect writer for Suicide Squad and Juan Ferreyra’s art is just so fantastic on it. The facial expressions he puts on Harley’s face are equal parts funny as they are unsettling. Everything about this is just so good… that next series better live up to the hype if they’re replacing this.

Sheriff of Babylon #6

Well, god damn. That was a depressing turn of events, to say the least. Then you go and remember that Nassir straight up murders three American soldiers in his basement in the first issue. Boy, this is a complex series, isn’t it? There is always a feeling of something bad is going to happen throughout this series, sort of like Game of Thrones… But one of the main character’s wife getting gunned down? Yeah, shit’s going to go bad real quick, I’m willing to bet.

Moon Knight #2

I missed the first issue the week it came out and since went back and picked it up… Man, this is a good book. Moon Knight is always a character that I feel like I would like, but when last I tried to pick this stuff up, the Ennis stuff where each issue sort of stood on its own wasn’t for me. Then I wasn’t much of a fan of the whole multiple writers thing from arc to arc. Here though, we get crazy (?) as fuck Moon Knight, but the story continues from issue to issue. I love that Jordie Bellaire is still the colorist. Having Moon Knight be pure white, not a single bit of color on him is just a very visually striking look. Beautiful book all around.

Revival #39

I kind of love Nikki recently in this series. Derrick is kind of a piece of shit, right? Well, what better way to passive agreesively put him in his place by taking the fall for tens of thousands of grams of weed found by the cops? That’s a big old “fuck you.” I feel like we’re getting pretty close to the “darkest before the dawn” part of the story. Since recent interviews have hinted at the conclusion coming in the nearish future, it’s pretty clear things are on their way to getting bad.

The Wicked + The Divine #19

I didn’t really know what to expect from this series when it started out, but I can tell you that it going full on anime with gods fighting gods in some god war was not on my list of possibilities. Yet here we are. I like how this issue addresses the big question with Laura, as in, what the fuck? How is she here? Well, she’s noooooot? It’s weird, and some of the characters acknowledge that, so whatever the hell is going on with her and being a god now, I’m really curious to find that out.

Nailbiter #21

What’s a new issue of Nailbiter without a handful of chopped up dead kids?! Happy mother’s day! But, Nailbiter’s back, and surprise surprise, a bunch of people are dying the in the town where all the serial killers come from. I like how at times this book can sort of be a slice of life series… yet there’s this big “OH YEAH, serial killers” asterisk next to it. I am a little let down by Alice inheriting the “killing the person who is bothering me” day dreams. That gimmick ran it’s course with the FBI lady, and I got tired of it… so for it to come back and be super transparent now, I just hope it’s at least used sparingly.

Devolution #4

I had zero idea that this was a five issue series until it was listed as “4 out of 5” on the comixology page. I guess with however long Dynamite had been sitting on the story/deal with Remender and the original artist dropping out of the project, I shouldn’t be surprised, but with how fast characters get dispatched left and right, I guess I should’t be surprised that much more. Curious to see how the stretch out the final issue with space man just going “I need that vaccine!” at the end.


  1. "[T]hat next [Suicide Squad] series better live up to the hype if they’re replacing this."

    I think you're going to be disappointed.

  2. I have posted this before but it is criminal that midnighter is ending. What a amazing book. If Orlando wants to put him in supergirl as her gay bestie I'm totally in! I agree with as well regarding suicide squad. Seeley made this book a 100% winner just to have it "rebirthed" there is no way the new one will live up this.