Sunday, May 1, 2016

Stack Rundown, 05/01/2016

Welcome to May. Rebirth happens this month, and I'm kind of excited? I keep reminding myself that I've heard at least once that things over at DC are kind of insane... still... as in New 52 insane, but hopefully it all works out. I tallied up how many books I plan to at least give a shot, and god damn... I haven't read that many books in a LONG time.

Superman/Wonder Woman #28

So let me say, that I stand confident in still saying the Wonder Woman and Superman pairing is fucking stupid. It is lazy, lowest common denominator nonsense. It’s about as creative as taking two action figures and slamming them together repeatedly to simulate sex. And given recent events about the people who put work into the Superman books, I ain’t too surprised… cheeeeeeeap shot. Anyways, we’re in the typical DC crossover spinning its wheels section. Oh, we’re going to end on a page where some dude just goes “SUPERMAN IS GOING TO DIE!” after we’ve known that since literally the first page, 80 pages ago… yeah, real compelling.

Omega Men #11

Nearing the end and I’m running out of things to say about this book. Said it’s good so many times where it’s lost all meaning at this point. And now we’re coming to the end and that’s sort of that. I will say, I enjoy the way that the book, particularly this issue and the last, portray passage of time through a war. With limited time, it tries to show off as much as it can by jumping through hundreds of days, and you still get a sense of the tides turning with ups and downs. Pretty great storytelling here… and to be honest, throughout the entire book.

The Dark Knight III #4

Well, that’s certainly one way to deal with my feelings of this being far more of a Superman book than Batman… cover his ass in black matter and drop him into the ocean. That works pretty well. So now we’ve got two options of what is going to go down: Batman is going to do some incredibly ridiculous shit and somehow bring down the Kryptonian race, or he is going to pretend to die again… Let’s be honest, he’s probably going to pretend to die either way. Anyways, I like this book still, just wish it’d come out regularly. Remember when that JRJR issue was supposed to be a stop gap between #3 and #4… yeah, where the hell did that one go?

Low #13

Low just got the shit Rick Remendered out of it. HA HA! Happiness? NAH! Two of the three major characters god damn near dead. Throw one out into the toxic ocean and the other one meets the business end of a knife a whole bunch of times. On Rick, and here I thought we’d be calm for a bit. As soon as that lady who totally isn’t Marik’s wife starts playing the devil in each character’s ear, I instantly knew what was coming. Big “uh-oh” moment for me. REMAINDERED!

Saga #36

I’m naming my first born after Ghus, and then my secondborn as well. I don’t give a fuck, let them figure it out, I’m the one with the regular person name. But fuck yeah for Ghus and his cutting off of fingers… too bad he got taken down by one punch afterwards, but hey, he cut off some body parts and that’s all that matters. This was pretty heartwarming issue if I’m being honest. The scene between Marko and Hazel was just a whole bunch of repeated gut pucnhes. Kind of wish we got one of those with Alana as well, but nah… she got sucker punched too.

Sex Criminals #15

Last issue came out in February, and this one came out just at the tail end of April? Well, that’s progress, I guess. I was going to make a guess that the next issue wouldn’t come out until October… but hey, maybe August! The schedule for this has really deluded my enjoyment of the series, it’s to the point where I’m surprised when a new issue comes out. I don’t know… I realize I’m not saying anything about the book itself, but holy shit the schedule fucking sucks.


  1. NO Justice League??? You bailed on that one too quick... fantastic issue and still a great story. Grayson is a sad sad shell of itself. Old Man Logan is still worth reading. You would appreciate its attempt at continuity by addressing that he has spent time with Storm and the X men in limbo.

    1. 1. I forgot I had read Justice League
      2. Even if I had bailed, how would 49 straight issues be too quick?

    2. Sorry...meant too quick to bail on post "rebirth announcement" books... ie Batman #52 Grayson without tom King etc....meaning thought you bailed on Justice League until after rebirth