Wednesday, May 11, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman #52

Before we close out this volume of the series, we take one more visit to Bruce's past.

The Spoilers:

This issue is all about a notebook Bruce was told to make by Leslie Thompkins, shortly after his parents died, that included a list of all the things he needed to do in order to get over/heal from the death of his parents. Through various entries, we see him training and it being loosely connected to what was written down.

In the present, some new small-time crook who can pass through walls steals a lock box from a bank in Gotham, one that Bruce is particularly interested in getting back. Surprise, surprise, it features the notebook, to the thief's dismay, believing he had Bruce Wayne's deepest secret he could ransom back.

When Bruce returns to the cave, we learn that he taped in a page that Alfred had written in (which made Bruce mad as a child, causing him to tear it out) that said he should remember his parents will always be proud of him.


The Opinion:

I thought this issue was good. Nothing to write home about. To be honest, my one problem is just the general fatigue I have towards stories with Bruce before he was Batman. It's a well worn area, and whenever someone is trying to be heartfelt and add something new to it, I just sort of pass over it, because it's a big "whatever" to me. The standout though, is Riley Rossmo's art on this issue. I love Rossmo's style, unfortunately he doesn't illustrate many books whose story I'm interested in, so seeing him here was a treat. He's got a style that is so out of the normal realm for Batman, that I can't help but appreciate it when we get a new take on the character like this. With his working on Constantine with James Tynion, I hope that maybe we see more of him with the accelerated Detective schedule, simply because while I think Eddy Barrows is a good artist, between him and David Finch, we got a lot of "house style" art going on, and I'd at least like to see Detective take some artistic chances. 

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  1. I've also had enough of the House clones. Bring in some new talent. Rossmo's art is actually the only reason I feel compelled to pick up this issue. While I'm sure it's well written on Tynion's part, it's total "waiting for Rebirth inventory." The New 52 has a serious case of senioritis...