Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stack Rundown, 04/24/2016

Oh hey, Game of Thrones is back tonight. I guess that means I have a poor transition into a reason to talk about the comics I read this week... YEP.

Action Comics #51

Still enjoying this story, though this issue felt more of a "remember how Supergirl went completely AWOL in our universe that we're trying to fix? Well, better reintroduce her and heeeeey, some things are like that TV show, right guys?" which is fine, but it wasn't very eventful past that. You got that guy who is all "I'm Clark Kent, haha, you're murdered now" while no one in the Daily Planet really reacts appropriately to the smoldering corpses of their co-workers, and then Wonder Woman shows up asking why she hasn't been told that her boyfriend (are they still dating?) is dying... Well maybe it's because she's the type of girlfriend who shows up with her sword and shield drawn to an argument. LADIES BE CRAZY, right guys?! Har har, casual sexism. No, but really... I get you need to make a last page splash look interesting, but why does she have her fucking sword ready to go?

Extraordinary X-Men #9

Before the last issue, I went "man, I don't care about Marvel continuity anymore" but for some reason I still picked up that issue and went "maybe I do!" Cue an issue with all the mutant students and their year lost in the future and YEAH, I don't care anymore! Maybe it's that I never really cared, maybe I just really liked Remender's Marvel work, maybe it's the increased interest in DC fixing their universe... But yeah, I don't think I can really invest in any Marvel book that is "important" in anyway. Vision and Moon Knight (which I just read this week, and thought was pretty good) stand alone and they're kind of awesome... but if they were to suddenly go "CIVAL WAR II!" I'd probably have to drop them too.

Tokyo Ghost #6

Six issues in, and the title of the book finally makes sense. Holy shit, was the scene where Debbie showed up masterly illustrated by Murphy and Hollingsworth. Talk about a beautiful looking scene. Figures, shadow, color, it all worked so fucking well. Makes me sad this book is coming to a close, even though I'm excited to see Murphy draw some All-Star Batman. Just such a great book... and real appropriate for the time as we're getting ever closer to watering our plants with Gatorade. Seems like Remender used the break and what's happened in the world since then to add a little current day commentary on the state of the world... or I'm just grasping and the world has always been shit, it's just more apparent now. WHO KNOWS?!

Invincible #127

127 issues in, and I'm done. I just can't anymore. With this past story arc, I sat there before it began thinking "They're doing this again? They're really putting mark in a different universe, timeline, out of commission for a long stretch of time, only for him to come back and everything has changed, AGAIN?" sure enough, they were. Oh hey, five years have past, your daughter has grown up, woo. Afterwards I'm just sitting here thinking "I bet Eve has a new love interest" then they showed preview art a month or so back, I looked at one panel where she looks away and went "YEP!" Sure enough, YEP. It's just so predictable and cliched, none of it entertaining. So with that, I'm done.

Chew: Demon Chicken Poyo #1

When you think about this story, it's super fucking dark. Santa Clause is tired of how shitty Christmas has become, you know, with the spoiled children, commercialization and all that sort of shit? So he plans on stopping Christmas, BUT NO! Poyo fucking murders him, so the shit show that is modern day Christmas continues! Super messed up when you think about it! But perfectly Chew in every way... but now I have to deal with the fact that the stop gap is complete, and now there are only five more issues left of the series... I nominate Rob Guillory to draw the book that celebrates how amazingly stupid professional wrestling is that I've always wanted. Try and tell me that's a bad idea, I dare you!

Cry Havoc #4

This isn't a book that you can read through just to read through in order to have it read so you can write about it... which is exactly what I did. It's sort of out there and requires your full attention which isn't something I could afford this morning. So that said... I don't really feel as if it's fair to offer an opinion on it! I'll go back and read it again at some point, but hey... wanted to get this post done. Yay, I'm lazy!


  1. I think I read the first Invincible trade years ago and for some reason never tried the second. I don't remember disliking it, but I can't really remember anything about it. Serious question: is it worth reading any of Invincible? If so, up to what point? (Obviously you stopped because you disliked where it went.)

    1. If I remember correctly it took a bit to get going, but yes. I've read well over 100 issues, it's real good, but it's just been spinning cliche wheels lately. I'll probably come back to it in a bit or just read via trade now.

    2. I know you're probably bored of people repeating this over and over in your ears, but you really should give TWD a try.