Sunday, April 17, 2016

Stack Rundown, 04/17/2016

After having more books than I knew what to do with last week, back to only three this time around. Thought about picking up Moon Knight #1, as it looks like a book I could appreciate, but I clearly didn't... might pick it up this week just to check it out.

Batman/Superman #31

You know what Tomasi is really good at? Writing these silent little emotional moments that hit fucking hard. In this issue, Superman tells Batman that he's dying. Batman tries to do rational Batman things and think through every possibility to fix it. Superman doesn't buy into it, and leaves the cave after the discussion. What does Batman do? Sit silently at his computer then just fucking punches something, as Alfred watches. Alfred is really the key in emotional Batman scenes. Bruce is just so god damn insane, Alfred offers the readers a character to identify with when they see Bruce at his worst. Tomasi really gets that. Also... Hi Alfred's hand, where'd you come from? Anyways, this story is shaping out to be pretty good, and it's even got me thinking "Maybe I should read more than Tomasi's Superman when Rebirth starts" which is pretty impressive.

Pretty Deadly #9

Say whatever you will about this book, it looks damn good, issue after issue... Buuuuut that's kind of the problem some times. Emma Rios' work is so crazy that sometimes you just get lost in it. During  pretty climactic scene within the issue, I just had to stop and restart the scene because I quite honestly didn't know what was going on. Also, getting lost in the visuals wasn't the only problem, as when I figured out what was supposed to be happening, I still was confused, because seemingly new characters popped up, and I wasn't quite sure as to the who or why of the situation. This book sometimes just seems to rely on an established lore that isn't known to the reader, or is left to be assumed... BASICALLY IT'S DARK SOULS. Shit. So I like Dark Souls and I like this book, but still, there are times where I just have to go "damn it, what?"

Deadly Class #20

I've liked this arc quite a bit, but this issue didn't seem to stretch itself out to any new places like the other ones. Marcus feels bad for himself, Saya and Willie have drama, Viktor won't fucking die and there's a last page cliffhanger. Sort of paint by numbers this issue, but given the template it is working off of, it was still pretty alright since we're in the middle of a story where literally nobody is safe, and not the typical "NOBODY IS SAFE" comic bullshit... like a bunch of these characters could just fucking die any page, so while this was a bit of a boring issue by comparison to the last couple, at least the stakes are still there and very much real.

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