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Stack Rundown, 04/10/2016

I feel like at least once a year I go "I should try reading Superman books again." I guess we're already at that point in 2016. Also, man, did not expect this many books this week. Kind of snuck up on me.

Superman #51

So I’m interested in this story simply because it’s pretty clear that whatever results from this will be the basis of Rebirth Superman going further… and it’s basically New 52 Superman says he’s dying and emotional stuff starts happening, while other characters get set up in the background, like presumably the Super-Man book’s main character, and New 52 Lois becoming Superwoman maybe. I’m at that crossroads where I want to give Superman a chance again, and Tomasi teaming up with Gleason and Mahnke seems pretty cool, so figured why not give this a shot. I thought it was an enjoyable issue and I’ll continue to read the story, but to be honest, they’re not doing themselves any favors by putting out a story that even comes close to echoing All-Star Superman, which is something you just can’t touch.

Midnighter #11

Midnighter is still awesome and I’m sad that it will be going away soon. I’m in an odd spot, I don’t want to go crazy and spend a whole bunch of money on Rebirth books, especially for characters that I don’t really care about, but I kind of want to reward Orlando for writing this awesome book and pick up Supergirl just because… Now if Midnighter shows up in Supergirl, then we’re talking. Best part of this issue? Midnighter beating his new foe by fucking with him and just not fighting back. So good.

New Suicide Squad #19

This book just looks so good… so good that I’m even considering reading Green Arrow again despite the fact that it went fucking terribly last time… they’re grounding it right? Black Canary right? No more “Oliver is a werewolf!” right? Fuuuuuck… and that’s Damian’s new writer. ANYWAYS. With all the Grayson and Batman Inc elements brought into this book by Seeley, I hope he continues to do so with Nightwing, because god damn it, we need someone keeping those elements of the lore alive.

Justice League Darkseid War Special #1

I feel like this probably would have been a regular issue of Justice League had they planned things out a little better, because if it was, Johns and Fabok would be gone with issue #51 and it’d end at #53. Bad numbers right there. We get a bunch of Grail origin stuff, which is okay, turns out she’s a little more evil than her mother knows. Does a good deal of focusing on Jessica Cruz too… which is good, considering I may look into her new book… DC got me for now it seems.

Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad April Fools Day Special #1

Basically, this was Suicide Squad #0… which is pretty much what the “Rebirth” one shots will be. Why this was called the April Fools Day special, who fucking knows, it was just a mean-nothing title. For a primer of the Williams, Lee, Tan Suicide Squad, I thought it was okay. Sort of didn’t have the best flow, but didn’t exactly do anything to offend me. Kind of hard to say no to anything drawn by Jim Lee… I do think the art switch with Sean Galloway was weird. Talk about two different styles and all the sudden it’s just different at a turn of a page. I think they should have at least done a transition page where they have Lee and Galloway on the same page, but oh well, I ain’t the editor.

Vision #6

Shit got dark. Considering this is one of those weird Marvel books that probably stands on its own, especially once it’s over, I’m going to choose to believe that this is the darkest timeline Vision. Just that scene with the guy going through the Vision household looking for his dog was so unsettiling. There’s a “broken family” vibe going on, but it’s so much worse given all the creepiness that sits beneath the surface in this book. Dark, dark shit. That’s for sure.

Black Widow #2

The first issue of this series really kicked everything off with a bang, and I loved it. This issue takes it a few steps back to establish why the first issue happened and the big reveal is… Black Widow is being blackmailed for reasons unknown to us. Oh. I’m sorry… that just seems sort of plain to me. “Oh.” was my exact reaction. Hopefully it turns out to be a little more interesting than “Russian spy has secrets in past that are coming back to light” because that sounds super overplayed to me as I type it.

Old Man Logan #4

So… On one hand, at least they addressed that nagging problem I had with this book and how Logan was perceiving the timeline, on the other hand, they basically just had two mini series with Old Man Logan, and now, by issue #5, we get to the real story of it all. These first four issue just didn’t really establish much other than going “Logan wants to fix the future, but he’s in a different past, the end.” I don’t know, hopefully it gets better now that the prolonged prologue is out of the way.

The Wicked + The Divine #18

So, a lot is going to have to be explained here… Mainly, how the fuck is Laura still alive? I’m pretty sure her killer’s MO is head go a’boom, so how she’s still here is a bit surprising. But anyways, we’re going full on hipster god war, so that seems pretty cool. But, some of the hipster gods on the same side apparently slept with each other, so that makes things not cool… or will, eventually. HEY! Jamie McKelvie is back, and the book looks great! Go figure!

The Discipline #2

I can’t get a fucking read on this book. It’s pacing is just weird and I don’t know if holding out of the main character to not be such a victim is worth it or not. That last point is probably my biggest hang up, the main character just feels like a victim, and with the sexual nature of the book, it makes me feel uncomfortable. There’s being submissive, then there’s whatever the hell that’s going on around her, it’s not enticing, it’s just kind of fucked up and “uncomfortable” is just the word I keep coming back to. I’m not opposed to sex in comics, if anything, there should be more, people should stop treating it like it’s something we didn’t all come from, but this… this just seems victimizing and the main character just doesn’t have any strength or ownership over who she is or the circumstances she’s put  it. Sure, it’s early on in the book, but first impressions mean a lot, and it has been very off putting.

Sheriff of Babylon #5

Get two people with pretty large cultural differences, especially with how they speak and what they say, then get them drunk, and try to have them understand each other. That’s what this issue boils down to, two characters getting drunk, talking about their unique perspectives on the Iraqi war. It’s a very basic issue of the surface, but with what’s talked about and how the art is laid out, there’s a shit ton of death to be had, which is why this continues to be one of my favorite books.

Archie #7

Granted, I’m aware of the fourth wall breaking stuff this book does, but that ending with the “here’s my twitter account and a hashtag you can use for this issue” seemed pretty… weird, I guess. Well, maybe not weird… Twitter seems to be a thing this day, but I just kind of groaned at it a little. Whatever, issue is fun. It’s Archie, not much to really dissect other then #WHATDIDHEDO or whatever.

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  1. I feel the same way about picking up superman books. I have been reading Lois & Clark and it's surprisingly good. I know you are not a huge fan of Jurgens but he solves the real "superman" problem. The constant problem of finding a way to "challenge " a character who has that power level is solved by making him do all his super heroing in secret. He has to weigh every decision to intervene with the consequences of being discovered. It really works. Such a better concept than either removing his power levels or inventing villains to challenge his power level