Sunday, April 3, 2016

Stack Rundown, 04/03/2016

Happy Wrestlemania day! ...that's a thing that's going to happen. I for one want Roman Reigns to go over clean, and remain "babyface," because HOLY SHIT do I want to hear the crowd drown that stadium out in boos. That'd be amazing for all the wrong reasons... But you know what was amazing for all the right reasons, even those incomprehensible to our tiny ape minds? That Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn match. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck, Nakamura is something else.

Oh yeah, comics.

Omega Men #10

I keep trying to think how the hell they were supposed to end this book at issue #6. It would have just been “OH, well they lose, everyone’s dead” right? Because I mean, here we are, issue 10, and there’s just this big ass war that lasts 40 something days going on… how would they have put that into the abbreviated six issues? I mean, I know the answer is, they wouldn’t… but just thank god this book got to finish it out properly. Art looked a bit off this issue. Hi Fi was coloring it, and I guess it’s a pretty good representation of how much a colorist can do, because it wasn’t just the colors but the figures didn’t look as good as they do in previous issues. Real weird looking issue by comparison.

Black Science #21

Normally when Rick Remender pulls some shit in his books, someone dies in horrific circumstances… but this issue though, straight ruthless karma. So basically, Rebecca played Grant the entire series to get the pillar so she could go to a dimension where her brother lived. Fucked up a whole lot of shit on the way, finds a dimension, kills her alternate self, takes her place. Grant comes in, BLOWS UP HER ENTIRE SPOT. Hands the body over to the cops, calls her brother and husband, and just fucking leaves her with the police closing in. Deep. Cut.

Saga #35

Saga is doing Saga-like shit, no surprise there. Still amazing. Every issue. Kind of tired of it by now, haha. How many years have I been sitting here basically going “Dude, SAGA!” It’s gotten old! Even the mundane issues plot-wise are still leaps and bounds above your average book… Just the style, art, dialogue, everything is on point. Marko and Alana are heisting shit… The Will is fat and fucking off his rocker. Ghus is a total badass threatening to kill fat crazy Will. Man, this is just a really great book all around.

Revival #38

Where Saga is doing Saga-like shit, Revival continues to do Revival-like shit. This is just one of those books where I still enjoy the hell out of it, but I’ve run out of things to say about it. I’ve run out of ways to say I’ve run out of things to say about it. It’s just super methodical, sort of like a TV show, certain shit will happen at certain times to throw wrenches in to certain situations. The whole plan to keep Dana and Em under the radar is probably going to blow up, and that’ll probably lead to more drama. It’s all good stuff, just don’t know how much else I can say about it.

Devolution #3

This issue went by real quick as we got to learn that one of these characters is going to be the chickenshit balless (literally in this case) piece of shit who gets the survivors fucked over. Sure, it’s a cliche, but this is a book that features giant fucking spiders eating people, so you sort of figure it has its place within all the ridiculous nature that this book is made up of. Super pulpy and weird. I half expect this to be an adaptation of some really low budget B movie with crappy stop motion animation… only with more cannibal nazis.

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