Wednesday, April 20, 2016

SPOILERS: Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #4

Poison Ivy and Catwoman team up for a caper, but not Harley, never Harley! Why are we talking about Harley? Who the hell is Harley anyways? NO.

The Spoilers:

Not a whole lot to pick apart this time around. Selina and Ivy make a plan to break into her employer's old lab. And they do. Turns out some shit's gone down in there, as there's a whole bunch of wreckage and bodies. While Catwoman and whats-his-name are super uneasy about everything, Ivy hears a voice call out to her in the Green, so she has to go investigate.

Turns out her company was spying on her and stole her research in order to make their own plant baby hybrids. Ivy finds a little girl who got scared and lashed out at everyone... She also finds a whole bunch of failed experiments and goes ape shit, destroying the place and presumably killing that guy who had it out for her at her work.

Catwoman and that other dude get Ivy to calm down long enough for all three to escape with the little girl.


The Opinion:

So, with Rebirth, Clay Mann is presumably off to work on his upcoming project Trinity (probably, solicits say otherwise, but he was also solicited for this book as well), and it's Flashpoint all over again in the art department. We got three artists on this book, and the styles are very loosely coherent. Pretty easy to pick up on and kind of distracting along the way. I will say that prior to this, I didn't think much of Robson Rocha, but I do think Jay Leisten's inking does wonders for his work.

Then there's the story. I think the pacing is kind of off. We got two more issues left with no real substance on the horizon, at least that's the feeling I get. Sure, there's the big plant monster guy... and that's probably it. So I predict issue 5 is "oh! big plant monster guy!" followed by the finale which will probably go along the lines of "thanks, Swamp Thing!" I don't know... based on this issue and the fact that we only got two left, I don't see a whole lot of opportunity for anything other than what I just laid out to happen.

Two issues in I thought this book had a lot of potential, but now it just feels sort of lacking. In all fairness, this very well could be due to the mini-series format, given that there has to be an end and there's no opportunity to seed future plot lines or have the stakes to continue at grow. When it comes down to it, my general attitude towards this issue was just summed up by a "Okay." and a shrug to myself afterwards.

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