Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SPOILERS: Black Canary #11

Not a whole lot of singing, but there is a whole lot of stabbing.

The Spoilers:

Dinah travels to Europe to find her band under some sort of spell that Isak Orato placed on them, which she soon finds herself under too, until Ditto appears in the crowd and breaks it. Guess what? Fights happen. So, fights happen. Orato gets inside Dinah's head, because he's a demon or something and he's the one who wants the Five Heavens Palm thing locked inside of her, and also claims responsibility for killing her parents. 

More fighting, Dinah makes it outside to find that Vixen and her manager, a former friend of Dinah's mother, have appeared to help. Dinah's aunt also shows up and is none too pleased. Vixen's manager, Sandra, tells Dinah to get away from her "aunt," because surprise, it's not her aunt, she doesn't have one, and it's shape shifted Orato or something. Whoops, now Dinah's got a sword in her gut. But it's okay cus Ditto finally says something to her along the lines of she's not alone?


The Opinion:

Post-New 52, getting impaled is like getting a paper cut to you and I. Everyone gets impaled and it is never a big deal. Anyways, I kind of thought this issue was all over the place. Clearly, we're in wrap up mode, but everything that is happening is just kind of off the rails. Everything that is happening is just kinda vague and just ins't connecting with me. On top of all that, it just really isn't the same without Annie Wu on the art. Oh well, we'll see how it wraps up in a couple weeks.

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