Wednesday, April 13, 2016

SPOILERS: Black Canary #10

Annnnd we're back with Black Canary... annnnnd I have to remind myself what were were doing before I skipped that fill-in issue.

The Spoilers:

Dinah is back in Gotham, getting help from Barbara's photographic memory to see if they can dig up any info on her lost mother and recently existing aunt, and the ninja death cult that apparently ties them together. A photo Babs remembers leads the duo to an old recording studio used by some weird looking dude who looks like Bowie had a baby with the Joker. An old recording is found where it seems the dude, Isak Orato, had found out Dinah's mom about something. The best Dinah and Babs can figure is that Dinah's mother was an informant for her husband who was a PI investigating Orato for some reason. Shit goes bad, Dinah's dad is dead and her mother's missing, now a bunch of people who knew her mother are turning up dead.

The train of thought comes to a halt when the cult from two issues back track Dinah down and attack, demanding she hands over some hidden martial arts technique (which she's got zero clue about). Babs gets knocked out and a metaphorical gun is put to her head, but skipping forward, she's fine, gets free, and Dinah fights the lady chasing her.

Dinah wins, because it's her book. Demands info. Turns out Dinah's mother used the technique on this lady's master, and the master wants it back, because it's the only way to make her whole again. You know, weird mystical kung fu stuff. For reasons of a similar nature, once she reveals this info, Dinah's new enemy attempts to blow herself up with her electrical powers in hopes that it'll trigger Dinah into using the move. It does not, and Babs whisks Dinah away as the lady goes boom.

Back in Babs' apartment, Frankie has some bad news involving Dinah's old band, who went looking for Dinah in Europe and are "scheduled" to play a gig at a club owned by Isak Orato, which is all too coincidental and seemingly dangerous for Dinah to ignore.


The Opinion:

So this book went from a weird band tour book to a weird old kung fu movie. I like the weird, and hell, might as well get it in before Rebirth happens. The issue is split between six pages of Moritat, whose work I love, but oddly enough, I don't think Lee Loughridge's coloring style fits his style all that well, then the rest of the issue is illustrated by Sandy Jarrell, whose work I enjoyed more this issue than #8, for reasons unbeknownst to me... won't argue it. But yeah, it was a fun little issue with a style that you wouldn't necessarily expect, but might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

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