Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SPOILERS: Batgirl #51

Oh look, setup for the next run!

The Spoilers:

Ever since Fuge, Babs has focused on her new company, and less and less on being Batgirl. It isn't until Gladius comes back where Babs really wants to get back into the grove, only she feels a bit rusty, so she decides she needs some time away from Gotham to fix herself back up again and build a better Batgirl (see, the next volume).

So, Spoiler and Blue Bird are given a bigger role in protecting Burnside, Alysia is set up to run Babs' company, soft breakup with Luke, and so on. Babs is just about ready to go on her trip until Black Canary and Vixen show up to inform her of Gladius' plans... to take revenge on the children of Gotham Academy! Not petty at all! But we can't have a terrorist attacking children can we?


The Opinion:

As this is exactly what I expected, being a set up for the next team to take over, where the toys are returned to the sandbox, so I don't really have much to say. Surprise, we're in wrap up mode on most these books and a majority of the creative team has already moved on, not really surprising. Is the issue still enjoyable? Sure it is, but like I said, we're in this weird area where everything is winding down, so it's hard to recommend anything.

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