Wednesday, April 6, 2016

SPOILERS: Batgirl #50

In essentially what is the last-ish issue of Batgirl before Rebirth, we go out on a greatest hits album... plus one more I can't even remember.

The Spoilers:

Fugue has a plan, and he's got allies, mainly everyone who Batgirl has pissed off in this run, and if they don't want to help him frame Batgirl's civilian persona for blowing up thousands (like Velvet Tiger), he's got some mind voodoo to get them to help. Unfortunately, he doesn't know that Barbra got her memory back and is rallying her friends to each location of his mind control device spread throughout Burnside.

So, we get fights between Black Canary, Spoiler, Blue Bird and Operator (Frankie, hacking into a GCPD Batbot, can't remember if that name was used before? It seems like it has been awhile) against Corporal Punishment, The Jawbreakers, Killer Moth (I can't remember if he was in this book yet? Perhaps real early?) and everyone else you know and love, while Batgirl aims for Fugue himself... But he gets away by causing an explosion elsewhere, and convincing the people that Barbara Gordon's energy company caused it.

While fighting Black Canary, Velvet Tiger regains her memory and spills the beans on Fugue, which allows Batgirl to find him in the bank where they first met. Fugue attempts to get into Babs' head again, but she takes a batarang to her neural implant, disabling his direct link into her head and using the last of her strength to fight him one last time... until she gets shot and dies.


At some point, Barbara hit Fugue with his own trick and he's really trapped in a tube, headed straight for GCPD, with all his memory of Barbara and her secrets wiped from his head. Happened during the fight, Babs got control of his hands and put them to his head, took a second scan to figure out when this actually happened, so there you go.

After that, Babs loses her mobility, and is escorted out of the building by Frankie's hacked robot. Sometime later, her new energy company is up and running, Frankie's fixed and protected the neural implant and set up a fancy new base of operations in the building which she probably won't used 
thanks to the new volume!

(I don't know, I assume she won't use it?) 


The Opinion:

Sure, there are two issues left of this volume, but only Brenden Fletcher will be sticking around and it'll probably just be set up for the next volume, so this is basically it for the current run as we know it. I liked the wrap up. Like I said, it's pretty much a greatest hits send off for this team. They bring together nearly all the elements they laid in place for this run and use them for a fun final adventure between the three and Batgirl. 

When all is said and done, I'll say that Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletch and Babs Tarr saved Batgirl for me. I had just decided to finally stop reading the book a couple weeks prior to their takeover being announced. Sure, when this run was announced, it was sort of a culture shock, but in the months following release, the influence in style or other books and what audiences are interested in reading was undeniable. For its time, this iteration of Batgirl was truly unique, and probably deserves a little more credit for the mark it left than it currently gets.

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