Saturday, April 2, 2016

More Details on All-Star Batman

I've been meaning to put this post together earlier, but details kept coming out one by one and I've been busy at work (April fools, everything you put to tape today starts at 00:59:59;29 timecode! Because fuck you!) so I've sort of slacked. Nonetheless, here's some information about the new series.

First of all, I've read a lot of questions directed towards Snyder about whether or not it is in continuity or a continuation of All-Star Batman and Robin. The answers are 1. Yes and 2. No. It is in continuity, but it's not the "main" Batman book, which remains Batman. The two will share elements, but that's just basic continuity. There's been some question of whether or not it'll be bi-monthly. I believe DC put out some info that said it would be, but Snyder has clarified that it is monthly.

Need proof that it will be in continuity? Why? I just told you. Regardless, the book will feature back-ups (which leaves DC's new $2.99 price point up for debate if I had to guess) that will star Duke Thomas, or at the very least, will star him to start. The back ups bring me to the next topic, and that's format of the book. We'll have arcs with individual artists paired up with villains, along with a back up artist. To begin, we'll have John Romita Jr providing interiors for the first number of issues, with Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire providing back-up art. Following that, we'll see the introduction of Mr. Freeze to the story with art by Jock and back-ups from Francesco Francavilla. On top of that, in the second year, there will be a big story from Lee Bermejo. On top of that, apparently Sean Murphy will be illustrating a big story throughout the series with an "in continuity end of times Batman" story, which sounds like a continuation of their 27 story from Detective Comics, which I know has had some follow up planned.

There have been tons of details getting out there through various tweets, videos and interviews, so I'm sure I've missed some of the finer details. Still... everything that has been said about this series is bat-shit crazy, for the lack of a better term, so I'm looking forward to it in a big way.


  1. It's sounding like Snyder has upward of two years of ideas if I correctly understand what he said in recent interviews. That basically squares with what FHIZ is saying here. I think Snyder explicitly said he has an idea for a 13-part arc that would be his "Long Halloween." That may be the Murphy arc FHIZ references, or maybe it's something else altogether. I'm not sure if Snyder made it clear. I think Snyder talked about it coming after the shorter artist-feature arcs -- Romita, Jock, etc. Again, this was how I understood Snyder's explanation of what's coming. Obviously these types of plans almost never play out the way they're announced because stories get bigger, artists drop out or need fill-ins, etc. Oh, and I also understood this book to be monthly, or maybe I just assumed it would be since Snyder reportedly didn't want to write a bi-monthly Batman title.

    Whatever the case, we get more Scott Snyder Batman, so that's cool.

    1. As I understand it, his Long Halloween will be the first year of stories, with each artist writing a villain. The end of the story involves a future Batman similar to The Dark Knight Returns, either via time travel or some other means. Then, after that story, he has another big one he's thought about and discussed doing with Lee Bermejo. I could be wrong, but that's how it seemed to me from the interviews I've seen.

  2. In one interview, Snyder explicitly said that the backup will not lead to a price hike and how happy he was about that. I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a Batman title. Oh, right, Tom King. Yeah, don't know which one I'm looking forward to more.