Thursday, April 28, 2016

First Look at Detective Comics #934

Couple of things. First, it's weird to type a number with three digits again. Second, can JPV get a better haircut, I mean really, that one in B&RE looked dumb. Keeping on the subject of hair, not wild about Kate's new haircut. I get it, military background... The look established by JH Williams III is so much better though.

(Source: Newsarama)


  1. OK, I'm gonna be a dummy and ask some continuity questions (yeah, I know, it's pointless, but...) Perhaps this has been addressed somewhere by Tynion or someone else involved in the Rebirthing, so forgive me if I missed it.

    1. Why does Red Robin/Tim Drake need training if he was (Red) Robin before Damian and was good enough to go out on his own and run the Teen Titans? He was shown in Batman Eternal and Batman & Robin Eternal to be a super whiz-kid who pretty much can handle shit on his own. Basically, the entire New 52 was predicated on the idea that Tim had "graduated" much like Dick (or Jason, if you consider him "graduated").

    2. Why is he wearing a Robin-like red and green costume? I believe he was portrayed in New 52 continuity as having worn something similar to his final pre-Flashpoint all-red Robin costume... It makes even less sense if Damian is still technically Robin (whether or not he stars in any of the Bat-books). Plus, Tim had his own New 52 Red Robin look. I realize a lot of people didn't like the new costume (I was kind of indifferent), so it's probably an attempt to return Tim to his original 90s Robin look (SLEEVES!). But if it's not a "reboot," then regressing his character to padawan learner status makes no sense.

    3. It seems to me there are other characters more desperately in need of proper training -- Harper being chief among them. I know she kind of walked away from Batman at the end of B&R Eternal, but why not just toss her in the cast from the start? Cass/Steph/Harper as trainees for the series makes sense. Again, Tim, not so much.

    Finally, I agree about Batwoman's 'do. Pointless. But, since it's a reb- er, "relaunch," I guess everyone gets a fresh coat of paint!

  2. 1. It's been answered. Tim is the "Deputy Commander." He's the third in command, Bruce and Kate are the first and second in command, presumably. The idea is that, over he past few years, Tim has kept his distance from Bruce, but wants back into the fold. He's more trainee than trainer, yes, but he's a 16 year old for one, and two, he's being prepped to lead. Steph, Cass, and Clayface are being taught what it means to be a hero, which Tim already knows.

    2. Nostalgia. That's it. If you don't like it, then that sucks. Sorry, man.

    3. Tynion has already said that Harper will come back at some point, so probably the second arc, I'd say. And again, Tim isn't being trained in the same way they are. I don't know if you've ever experienced it, but it's like in school, a teacher has a class of these kids, but one is gifted so you give him different material to learn.

    Hope that clears it up for you.

    1. That does make sense. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

      (When these relaunches happen, there's so much press and interviews and I often miss a lot of them. These sorts of details kind of get lost in the shuffle for me.)

      That's about the explanation I would expect. It makes sense as a sort of "middle ground" for Tim's character. Near the end of the Post-Crisis/Pre-Flashpoint DCU, Tim was portrayed as almost 18, if not 18 already, so I guess I assumed he was in effect "emancipated." (They may have even described him as such when Bruce "died" in Final Crisis, can't totally remember.)

      I admit my following the "canon" with regard to all these characters' ages and statuses has really waned during the New 52 because it all became so muddled I sort of stopped caring about it to save my sanity and just enjoy whatever Bat-books I was reading. Basically, wasn't thinking too hard about it.

      But then this relaunched Detective Comics with its team and description came around, and seeing Tim back in what is effectively a ROBIN costume further confused me. I'm not complaining; I like Tim as "a Robin." (The Red Robin persona always seemed like a half-assed attempt at giving him is own identity -- Nightwing-lite.)

      I'm glad to hear Harper will be back in the mix. Her relationship with the other two teen girls makes sense she'd be back eventually.

      Anyway, I'm not knee-jerk opposed to change in a character's status or visual look. In the case of Tim, his character has sort of been kicked around a lot the last 6 or 7 years (again, going back to the pre-New 52 Red Robin stint). It has sort of seemed that Damian kind of editorially hoarded in on the territory because he was so popular, to the point that when New 52 happened, I think they were sort of like, "Uh, let's not worry about the details of Tim's history with Batman -- just make him the head of the Teen Titans. Done and done." But I think he's a great legacy character. I sort of was worried getting put in red and green again would be a "regression" for his character. Hopefully Tynion does right by him and doesn't give him short-shrift. (I have faith he'll probably do it right; I think his Batman work is generally strong.)

  3. That art is gorgeous! I always wanted a batman team book similar to x men.

  4. Well this is going to be interesting.