Sunday, March 20, 2016

Stack Rundown, 03/20/2016

Short list this week, one of which is probably my last issue of a series. But let's talk about something and that something is how uncomfortable Humberto Ramos' old man lips make me. JUST LOOK AT THAT! Looks like Logan is totally gonna suck on a butterscotch candy real loudly with all these gross lip smacking noises. UGH. It makes me cringe.

Extraordinary X-Men #8

Last night I thought "I should probably just stop reading Marvel*" (*with the exception of Vision and now that I think of it, maybe Black Widow) as I read that All-New Wolverine would be tying into Civil War II and I just thought "well, god damn it." Everything doesn't matter, because events will happen and in the end, those won't matter either. What the fuck happened with Original Sin? I had a hard time even remembering Original Sin's name this morning! Ugh. Anyways. I still read this issue and I still do really like this book, so I might stick around... Uncanny X-Men though, I don't know, I can leave or take that book I guess. If this book stays pretty inclusive to itself and the others do their own things during the crossover, that might be the case. Anyways. APOCALYPSE. Only one of his four horsemen is a mutant. That's weird. Marvel, huh?

Rat Queens #15

I'm out. Granted, I probably could have predicted that with how inconsistent and unfocused this last arc was, but this issue pretty much confirmed it. Every issue of this new arc I've said something along the lines of "this feels off" and this week, we got one of those issues where everything gets emotional, characters don't listen to each other, and now the one I really liked is evil... thus she gets a horrible new design and a dumb haircut. Great. Like I've said, I felt this arc was all over the place, the new artist is fine, but it just looks plain in comparison and then this issue's drama... but above all else, the one thing that really killed it for me was this: This arc was absolutely no fun at all. I don't think I was genuinely entertained by a single issue of this arc the same way I was entertained in every single issue prior to it. I just don't know what the fuck happened. Really unfortunate. I loved this book, but now I just have to drop it.

Low #12

Well this book got real fucking strange in the matter of no time at all. So Stel makes it to the surface of the dead Earth right? Right. What's there? Fucking nothing, right? WRONG. How about rat people! That's strange right? You know what's even stranger? BUG PEOPLE! Who are at war with the rat people! Yep. Everything just getting super strange. I don't know how to really take that. I know this world's got some strange species related sci-fi stuff, but something about this just took me off guard for some reason. Ultimately, I think the story between Stel and her two daughters is probably what (and will) should be focused on, but until they reunite, I guess weird rat and bug people war is enough to fill that void.


  1. Rat Queens turned into such a disappointment. So much promise. Obviously the artist co-creator's personal problems hurt the book a lot. But it also doesn't explain the story choices from then until now. Bummer. I'm really close to jumping off as well.

    I still like Low a lot.

    The only Marvel book I'm reading is Jason Aaron's Thor. With the end of Hickman's Avengers (I read all his Marvel stuff from FF onward, which I know wasn't for everyone) and Secret Wars, it felt like the perfect point for me to ditch most of Marvel for a while. And I think given some of the stuff I've been reading about their titles right now, it was a good choice. Don't care about Inhumans. Don't care about Guardians. X-Men is just kinda too weird for me these days, and it's obvious the Apocalypse stuff is intended to coincide with the movie. Anything Avengers or Spidey related is going to be all Civil War this year -- also because of the movie. So it'll be a while before I dive back into Marvel. Maybe when there's a writer or story arc that seems super compelling. But until then, I'm taking a break.

    1. "Maybe when there's a writer or story arc that seems super compelling." How about Vision? Or Black Widow? Those are the only 2 I'm following on a regular basis. I also look into Ms Marvel and Astonishing Ant-Man occasionally, but seriously, if you haven't tried Vision yet, you are missing out big time.

  2. With DC cutting everything that isn't meat and potatoes I have upped my marvel readings. I'm trying not hard to stick with titles that hopefully won't be dragged into cross overs or events. Soule's Daredevil, power man & ironfist, old man Logan, spider man(miles morales) and the Star Wars titles. All well worth reading

  3. Take the plunge into valiant. It is better there