Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stack Rundown, 03/13/2016

I planned to get this post up earlier, but this whole time thing kind of messed that up. Now it's almost 1 and I feel like I just got up. Hopefully President Trump fixes this. We put a wall up in space so we stop moving and time stays consistent. YEAH.

New Suicide Squad #18

Of course when DC finally puts a creative team on a book that’s worth a damn, we find out that it will be no more one month later. Of course. Whats the point of even changing it then? Let the shitty book finish its shitty self and then change it. Don’t make it good for a couple months then completely change it again? What’s the point? Whatever, unfortunately this book is great and now I’m bitter we’ll be losing it. Seeley brings in his Fist of Cain from Grayson and oh hey, Seeley isn’t writing Grayson anymore. Isn’t the world great? Juan Ferreyra’s art is fantastic and just god damn it… what could have been.

Gotham Academy #16

Another yearbook issue. Yeah, this just isn’t for me. I read comics for continuing storylines and all that, so cutesy one-off anthology stories are not really anything I’m interested in. Guess I’ll wait until later in the year for the new series.

Catwoman #50

It’s gotten to the point where I questioned why I’m still reading this book. Admittedly, it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected, but it wasn’t fantastic. The art was great, there was that… but I’m sitting here having just paid $4.99 for it and I’m not sure why. Selina was working for Lex without knowing it, she wins with a last laugh and all that, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know what I hated? Borges. He’s one of those artists who doesn’t have a book to call home and DC just has him fill in all over the place and guess what… he’s not that good, he kind of ruins every issue I read that features his work. I hate to be mean, but with Rebirth and an accelerated art schedule coming up, I’m super concerned he’s going to be all over the place making me frown at books I normally would like.

All-New Wolverine #6

Finale of the first arc. I went into this issue pretty down on Marvel in general. I was just thinking about how much I REALLY care to read from them, but like usual with this book, I decided to continue sticking around afterwards. I don’t know, it’s just fun and all sorts for badass. Had a last page twist that featured a character I barely remember from X-Force, but still enough to make me go “oh I know that thing I want to see that thing play out.” I don’t know, it’s just a good book, way more interested in it than I have been in any solo Logan adventure.

Vision #5

Now this is pretty much the only book that I’d never just go “I don’t really care about Marvel that much” and drop it. This book is so good… Dan Didio agrees, that’s why he signed Tom King to an exclusive… So by twisted internet logic, you could make the argument that Dan Didio is why we’ll lose this book eventually. HAVE AT IT, INTERNET. But man, shit just keeps getting worse, and worse, and worse for Vision. I’m sitting here thinking that his wife is going to go rampant and he’s just going to have to kill his family or something. That’s the trajectory this series is on right now, it’s that dark.

Descender #11

Hey look, the robots are kind of evil and want to erase mankind? Who would have thought. And that red head robot? SUPER EVIL. Tim 21 seems like he has a robot soul, Tim 22 is red headed and seems like he doesn’t. COINCIDENCE!? #CartmanWasRight. But yeah, it was totally the issue where you found out that they were evil the whole time. Standard robot stuff.

WWE Roadblock #1

I mean god damn it… WWE does this thing where they find some obscure rule in the rulebook and hammer that shit into the ground for a month or two. A couple months back you started to notice during every tag match, the wrestler waiting to be tagged in was always holding the tag rope, or whatever and prior to that, I didn’t even know that existed. Now it’s “his foot was under the ropes, so the pin doesn’t count.” Now why that would matter for anything, I don’t fucking know, but for a god damn second, I thought WWE had gotten some sense beaten into them by all the boos and decided to make Wrestlemania interesting and give Ambrose the belt. And god damn them. I believed for a second. I BELIEVED. Then it’s the same old shit. Now the only thing to look forward to is the entire Cowboys stadium booing the shit out of Roman Reigns, which will be glorious, but depressing at the same time, because Vince is too stubborn to care, and he’ll push and push until the fans are defeated and “accept” Reigns. Unstoppable force, meet unmovable object.


  1. The art suffering is a huge concern with rebirth. DC has already shown that fill in work is needed with a simple monthly shipping schedule. As well you can't help but think that the rebirth creative teams will be given ZERO lead time. Going to be a mess

  2. So what was the point of taking Seeley off Grayson and putting him on Suicide Squad, rather than allowing him to wrap up the Grayson run? Simply to give the new Nightwing team a few issues to transition? To allow Seeley time to prep a new Rebirth title? I really hope that's the reason, as it's the only one that makes any sense. Otherwise, it was just kind of like pulling the rug out from under Grayson readers.

    Of course, there is an explanation that makes some sense -- that Seeley WAS going to be the ongoing Suicide Squad writer in perpetuity... but then the Rebirth nonsense bubbled up immediately thereafter because Rebirth is actually just a not-well-planned, quick and dirty Not-A-Reboot reboot done out of desperation. But that would be a pretty cynical view of things, I suppose...

    Anyway, RIP Grayson, RIP Seeley Suicide Squad, RIP my interest in Suicide Squad or Nightwing.

    1. Then don't buy DC. I hear all of you complain all the time and keep buying.

    2. You don't like my comments but you keep reading them. Why are we so self-defeating?

    3. we keep buying the quality books and bitch when they are taken away from us. ie Grayson, midnighter, omega men. It isn't that hard to figure out

    4. I'm not reading all of your comments I was just saying it in general. You just happen to be the most recent person to post at the time.

  3. I was JUUUUUUUST wondering to myself, "ya know, why the fuck do they sometimes hold on to that rope thingy in tag matches, but sometimes not?" hahaha glad to see a fellow WTF-er out there who calls WWE on being retarded and having selective memory.

    Also, best case scenario at mania?
    Reigns wins, fans boo, Reigns taunts crowd and turns heel.

    1. That's the only thing that makes sense. Just have him come out on Raw and tell everyone to fuck off. Face Reigns champ will not work.

  4. I'm curious if Rose Tattoo in NSS is the Wildstorm character. Guessing that's probably the case.

    And yea, Catwoman #50 being $4.99 was a deal-breaker for me. I was enjoying the new storyline but did not find it to be a must-read. Making it a dollar more made it expendable. Action #50 was a total mess with 5 different pencillers of varying quality. Detective #50 had a "backup story" that was all pinup pages - some of them were clever but it really felt thin for the price. Hopefully Batman #50 delivers the goods.

    1. Pretty sure Batman #50 is all story from Greg Capullo and company, along with an epilogue from Yanick Paquette.

    2. Hopefully the next writer kind of builds off what Snyder left behind.