Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SPOILERS: Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #3

Typically once you have children, murdering fools in your house probably isn't a great example to set for them, but hey, what do I know?

The Spoilers:

Ivy's pretty happy with her two plant babies, but unknown to her, there's something bigger lurking in the shadows of her plants, she just can't see it due to that new parent shine on her kids or something. Her work life is kind of sketchy though, as she's instantly questioned by the police once she arrives at work, but the questioning stops once a call to the lead detective calls it off. Ivy isn't sure who helped her out, but she needs to figure out a new way into her lab, and Darshan decides he's going to help.

Back at Ivy's apartment, the place is all torn up, but her plants kept the two babies safe. She starts to think whoever killed the two scientists at work is after her as well, but that'll have to wait, because the creeper dude who hit on her at work last issue shows up at her door.

Long story short, she old school seduces and kills him, then her plants start fucking eating him. THEN Darshan shows up too, but he's trying to be helpful, so he gets a cup of coffee at a diner instead of the whole getting eaten thing. Turns out he's got a hook up and obtains the blueprints of the lab, there's some heavy security, and Ivy knows someone who can help.

Cue Catwoman and cue Darshan walking in on Ivy's personal life as she left her glasses at the diner.


The Opinion: 

So there was some fill in art that wasn't made apparent by the cover. I always get extra bugged by that in mini series. These are finite stories, give them the time to be 100% consistent and this book is already bleeding into Rebirth anyways, so who cares? 

Anyways, so I have some weird feelings about this book... Nothing in terms of quality, I think it's just fine, but the way Ivy is represented is in a much more deeper shade of grey than I had expected. I mean, these last two issues she just fucking kills some people. Are they criminals? No. Sure, flaws. Dude was irresponsible with his pitbulls, other dude was a womanizer, but she's just fucking murdering them. On top of that, she was THIS close to killing two cops for doing their job that was an inconvenience to her. There's no real for the greater good, anti-hero, shade of grey there, it's just villainous. So I'm just left questioning how I'm supposed to feel about her? Is she supposed to be this misunderstood character more in tune with plant life than human or is she a cold blooded killer with a zero tolerance policy?

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