Wednesday, March 23, 2016

SPOILERS: Grayson #18

There was a part of me that was telling myself "Don't do this... remember Grayson for what it was, and move on." Turns out I should have listened to myself.

The Spoilers:

So imagine every plot thread in this title thrown into one issue. Yep. All that was missing was a cameo from Lex Luthor. So Helena gets messed up, school is under attack. The Spyder is healing Helena. Luka and her sister fight over who gets to be Otto Netz next, surprise, Helena is Otto now. Fucking I don't know.


The Opinion:

"Switching creative teams in the middle of climactic arc is going to be mess, you know that right?" "SHUT UP ME! I know you're right, but I'm drunk or something, so let's read this--oh... oh no." And a mess it was. What used to be a carefully calculated book with style, charm and flair, has turned into a "WELL WE'RE SHIFTING DIRECTIONS SO BETTER WRAP THIS SHIT UP" title. Everything is in here, and it's thrown in with reckless abandon. And that ending? It was one of those endings that just makes me pause for a moment, then let out a fart noise with my mouth. I don't know who to blame here... Maybe the new writers? Maybe DC told them to do this? Maybe this was Seeley and King's plans all along, I don't know... all I do know is that this was bad and I'm going to choose to ignore the fact that I ever read it.

Also, remember how last week I was saying that every week we seemingly get a new issue with Borges filling in on art and it's always bad? HAHA... yeah.

The one thing of note was the level of fear struck into everyone in the Syndicate when Midnighter showed up. That was awesome.


  1. The only redeeming part of this book was midnighter. I loved it. Of course they also literally pulled the same move in eternal. Let's make sure we cancel his series though

  2. See, I actually enjoyed the issue, and I think it'd could have been done well if it was King, Seeley, and Janin. The twist was interesting, it was just the pacing that was horrible. It could easily have been two or three issues with more explanations.

  3. Great ideas and decent dialogue hampered by sloppy plotting. Not a bad issue, but King would have done so much better.

  4. Sigh. I agree with the consensus here: poorly paced and executed, decent dialogue, the ideas are all there. I didn't hate this issue, just kind of shrugged and was like, OK, yeah, that all makes sense I suppose.

    To me it definitely had the feel of "Look new creative team, we know this is awkward. Take King and Seeley's outline, condense the remaining bits into 4 issues, and wrap this up before Dick's Nightwing again for the relaunch. We'll even let you write that one on your own. Anyway, get to work; hurry!"

    So I don't want to be too hard on Lanzing and Kelly. They're in a thankless, no-win situation. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, even if I'm bummed that we don't get more Dick Grayson, International Super Spy Of Fun. I still might not read the new Nightwing if it's "just another Bat-book set in Gotham." Hopefully they do something to distinguish it a bit. If so, I'll be on board. If not, oh well. Grayson was fun while it lasted.

    Only other thought: apparently there will be a Grayson Annual #3 at the end of June according to the solicits. I'd like to think maybe Seeley and King get one last crack to wrap things up in their own way, but that's probably wishful thinking. Doubtful Janin would do it either since it seems like he's been moved over to Superman. Which, good for him, it'll definitely make me more interested in potentially checking that title out. But bummer for us Grayson fans.

    1. I doubt that Nightwing will be set in Gotham. The deal with Robin War is that it made the Court of Owls into an international organization.

    2. Thank you for reminding me of this. I had seriously already forgotten this plot turn as I thought Robin War was pretty dull and disposable.

  5. I swear that DC has been effing $h!t up left and right. They can never get their act together and everytime they have something good going on with any title other than their big 3 which they suck up to way too much, they always pull the successful teams away, get another team to cram all dangling threads into a few issues and eff the eff up the character and the fans. I have dropped titles little by little from DC and to tell the truth, they have shown that they don't really care about their fans really. The new team has no fault really, they were out in with little breathing room and without any scripts from the team that started all these storylines. Or at least it seems like it since King and Seeley were not mentioned in the credits.

  6. To quote from issue 16: "Spy wonder, we hardly knew you."

  7. But... But... Midnighter?!?

    Grayson did get to the point where I read it and thought, "Did that actually move the plot along at all?" Pretty filler.

    Robin War made me quite angry as it seemed to be not well thought out. I'd had images of rooms at DC where whole walls are covered with flow charts so writers can track who is where and when.


    Just another cubicle paradise.

    And if they have Nightwing without Jason/Red Hood appearing at all after everything that just supposedly happened on some version of Earth somewhere/when? I will spit nails.

    Batman and Robin Eternal was great because of the team-ups. I enjoyed almost every issue despite having so many people thrown in so constantly.

    Don't disappoint me, DC. Irk me, but don't disappoint me.