Wednesday, March 30, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #26

Here we come to the end of nearly two straight years of weekly Batman issues... I'm pretty okay with not having to write about weekly books again...

annnnnnd cue everything going double ship. SON OF A--

The Spoilers:

Dick and everyone win, fucking surprise, right? Harper doesn't side with Mother, obviously, Azrael destroys her satellite on Dick's call, all the allies get warped in, David Cain comes back to impale Mother followed by throwing her (along with himself) into a flaming volcano (her base was over it, you know, evil people shit), but not before apologizing to his daughter, saying she deserved better. So that's pretty much that.

Time to wrap up! A month later, Batman finds Harper in the grave yard where her mother rests, and the two have a chat with Harper taking complete ownership of her life, and stating that she just wants to be Harper for a bit, while Bruce tells her Blue Bird is always welcome in Gotham... and probably Detective Comics

After Harper leaves, Bruce knows Cassandra is nearby and calls out to her. He urges her to do the same as Harper and find a life for herself, but Cass refuses, saying she wants to help and takes up the name "Orphan." 

Bruce then meets with Dick, they chat in a thematic way, Jason, Tim and Damian show up, they go break up a bank robbery. 


The Opinion:

What's there left to say at this point? I've been talking about this book for 26 weeks straight. It was a solid wrap up to what has been by far the better of the two Eternal series. Consistent story all the way through, it had its lulls, but enjoyable overall. But like usual for the series, the art is a total mixed bag. Pagulaya's work takes up most the issue and it looks pretty good, but then the rest of the artists come in and the results are varied (oh hey, Borges... again). So yeah, over all, the ending was fitting, solid story, mixed art, pretty much par for the entire series. I'll look forward to see what Cass amounts to in Detective, I'm surprised Harper is getting somewhat of the shelf so soon, although she'll probably be in Tec took, but yeah... that's about it, good job B&RE.


  1. The last act of the series was decompressed storytelling at its most frustrating, but this final issue of it was really good, so I have mixed feelings over whether to get the trades or not.

  2. Kind of a paint-by-numbers ending but it worked alright. I do like the idea of at least one of these Bat-sidekick types deciding to get out of "the life", if only temporarily. Orphan is a dumb name though - everyone's just going to call her Cass or Cassandra.

  3. I have the feeling Harper's going to be the new non-Babs Oracle that keeps popping up in various book solicits.

  4. I only read the first 5 or 6 issues and I didn't like it so I stopped. But could anyone tell me what happened with Batman in the past in regard to the implication that he shot some kid's parents? How did that resolve?

  5. The cover art for this page is miss leading. It makes it look like Bluebird has no big part in this, Duke's heavily featured, and that Red Robin had a huge story part. I don't understand.