Wednesday, March 23, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #25

Midnighter shows up in two books this week, totaling 40 pages... and it only takes two spread across both issues for him to totally steal the show.

The Spoilers:

This is one of those issues where you more or less know what's going to happen going in, no major twists, no major turns. Crane finishes the gas, it's spread, breaking mother's control, Harper goes "lol, what?" when she's asked to kill Cass, Dick talks Azrael down and confronts Mother when shit finally goes bad for her. 

But the real moment of note was the way all the allies dealt with the new "Orphans." And how was that? Literally send them all to Midnighter to deal with at once. Bad ass moment, and god damn am I a Midnighter believer. Hope Orlando continues to write him in some capacity come Rebirth.

The Opinion:

Sort of said my feelings on the issue above. It was expected and that Midnighter moment sure was great. Nothing much left to say.


  1. These last few issues have quickly made me a Midnighter fan. And Batwoman's back, Steph gets some good moments, huge battles all over the globe... the climax of this series has definitely not disappointed AFAIC.

  2. This book has been pulling the drag chute for a while.