Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #22

You know the Rick James sketch from Chappelle's Show? Well, Damian is Rick James, Dick is Charlie Murphy's face.

The Spoilers:

With Orphan bringing Harper and Cass back to Mother, all the Robins are pretty bummed. Dick is generally in bad shape, Jason blames himself for the girls being taken and Tim can't track Mother's tech. So what does Damian do? SMACKS THE SHIT OUT OF DICK. Then gives them a pep talk about how Batman wasn't making soldiers, he wanted them to surpass him and all that. So, they all decide to not be total bummers and give finding mother the old college try.

Meanwhile, back at Mother's secret base, Orphan comes home, goes "I'm sorry," gets his throat slit and ass kicked out of a big hole in the floor, Game of Thrones style. Mother pretty much goes "lol, time to win" and turns her big fancy satellite on.


The Opinion:

I mean, guys, at this point, you're on board with the series or you're not. Still a good story, better than the first, but it's been the same story for nearly six months now. Can't really come up with anything new to say. I did find Damian to be a little too positive and pep rally-like, but him smacking the shit out of Dick made me laugh, so all is forgiven.


  1. I didn't like how Damian just came in and galvanized the team in a single issue, but the flashback with Bruce and him was very well-written and the bit with Mother in her HQ was good, too. The past couple of issues have been excellent.

  2. I'd also like to add that a lot of the dialogue was hilarious. Damian calling Tim "The Robot" was hysterical to me

  3. Can Grayson ever be portrayed consistently as competent. He should be all skill,confidence and swagger. Sort of DC's Captain America but with more style. It still feels like outside of his book he has to job for the plot or a character too much.