Wednesday, March 23, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman #50

You know what's fun? Batman coming back from a finger painting vacation.

The Spoilers:

Fucking... there's a lot going on in this issue. Some sort of crazy ass "Scott Snyder read about some science and multiplied it by crazy and put it in a comic" stuff, mixed with Batman's return, then we get Bloom's sort of origin, and then the ending. There's a lot. So let me try to get the basics down here...

So Bloom is getting more powerful, he's using the atom collider to draw power, or something... and a big energy star is forming in the city, gaining power from all the seeds he's been using, and boy I don't know. But Batman's back, and he's got purple lining in his cape, that's cool. So he goes on the fight, and despite being told to seek medical help, Gordon continues to fight on, searching for something in Powers Industry to help deplete Bloom's powers.

Elsewhere, Duke meets Daryl and confronts him about finding both their names in Penguin's evidence on Mr. Bloom. Turns out Penguin was tracking recipients of the genius grant both Duke and Daryl had, and surprise, Daryl has a seed. Turns out he was the one who developed them. He was going to be Mr. Bloom and help Gotham. But he fucked up and made a "monster" which turned into the Bloom we know. So that's some stuff, right?

Anyways, blimp things happen... fucking whatever, science stuff, Jim and Batman win. Gotham sees real Batman and go "this is bullshit" and start tearing out their seeds because Batman is totally cooler than Bloom.

When all is said and done, Jim and Bruce talk, Jim is commissioner again, Bruce visits Julie in his own little way and finally, Duke gets an "offer" from Bruce.


The Opinion:

Yeah, yeah, sorry. But this issue is full of shit I'm not even going to try to explain coherently. One of the things that I don't like about Snyder's writing is his tendency to go real deep in crazy science shit that I just can't take the time to stare at and comprehend... I got other comics to read! But that's a total nonissue here, because Batman is back, and like normal, Snyder does a lot of great what Batman means to Gotham sort of stuff, and the art team lead by Capullo backs it up and then some. I'm excited for whatever Snyder and Capullo do next, and for that matter, the probably announcement of Tom King taking over writing, but god damn, am I going to miss this team, and this was just a great return for Batman... I'll still say I think Dr. Hurt realizing he is fucked and Bruce showing up behind him was more badass, but this was still a great return. 

So let's move to something else. That page with Duke at the end was leaked. There are natural things to be assumed. I alluded to this last night on Twitter, so I'll talk about it a bit... So, I'm sure the first reaction of many people was this: Bruce is going to make Duke Robin. That doesn't sit well with me, as a big Damian fan. I don't have anything against Duke, he's a fine character, but to be fair, he hasn't earned my fandom yet. He just hasn't been around long enough, hasn't done a whole lot, etc. Given time, if he's continued to be written consistently well, I'm sure I'll grow to like him more than I do now. My issue is the hypothetical idea of Scott Snyder replacing Damian. 

Now, I like Scott, he's been super cool to me since contacting me when I just randomly said something nice about his first Detective issue on Twitter years back, so I don't want to paint this in the wrong way, but this is just a hardcore Damian fan talking. Scott has gone on record saying that he straight up doesn't want to write Damian, or can't or whatever. This is because Damian reminds him too much of his own son and he feels uncomfortable putting a child like that in the crosshairs that come with being Robin. Fine. Understandable. So the idea of him potentially replacing a character that he went out of his way not to write with one of his own creation just rubs me the wrong way. Because at the end of the day, Robin is Robin, aka a child recklessly put in the line of fire by a guy with some fucking issues. So the idea of going "I'm not going to write that Robin, but I'll write my own Robin because reasons," is definitely not cool with me. So, with that contextless page and the past two issues of B&RE explicitly going out of their way to list every character by the code name, except for Damian, who apparently is just "Damian" (while Duke is "Robin"), some "...what the fuck" thoughts were brewing last night. 

Now since then, I've read at least one interview where Snyder has alluded to things not being as simple as "Duke is Robin now." At Newsarama he said more or less he was thinking about Duke being an extension of the Robin idea. Sounds like more of where Duke is in We Are Robin, or going beyond that. So, that is why I held off on going on a full fledge rant. Listed above is my reasons of why I could potentially be mad at a decision, not why I currently am (I'm not). So, I'll continue to wait and see... but if Damian is shipped off to some Teen Titans book written by Lobdell in Rebirth, then soooooonofabitch


  1. I'm right there with you concerning Damian... I'm not mad currently, but if that happens, I'll join your crusade! Haha!

  2. The thing that bothers me the most about this is that pretty much every Robin has had a fatherly-son interaction with Bruce. So for Synder to basically go like I am not going to use Damian due to my own son, but still have Batman endanger another child as Robin is like saying that the other robins aren't Batman's son?! What?1

  3. DC should of copied Injustice and made Damian the new Nightwing, than just left Dick as Grayson.

  4. I thought Duke was always supposed to be a new side kick named 'Lark'. That was in the first endgame issue. I assume that's where Snyder has always wanted to end up. Lark and Bluebird being his contribution to the robin-like characters.

  5. did it seem as if gordon knew it was bruce or am I reading too much into the quick cut scenes

  6. The giant robot was a bit much for my tastes (kinda cool on its own, but for a serious Batman comic, over the top), and I'm nnot exactly sure what happened to Bloom in the end, but otherwise I enjoyed the issue. The real Batman is back in top form, at full strength, and kicking ass again. I also liked the twist with Daryl and Julia's continued contribution.

  7. What was the purpose of the man made star? I don't think they explained it. Lol

  8. Donald, Gordon definitely knows IMO. Snyder will never make it totally explicit but this isn't the first time he's stopped just short of doing so.

    Re: the Robin issue, I'm still sorting through some conflicting thoughts. I also think Damian is great, but I'm not entirely sure I like him as Bruce Wayne's sidekick. He was terrific as Dick's Robin in part because he wasn't a traditional Robin. The Robin concept is, let's face it, inherently ridiculous, and over the years DC has taken pains to try to make it less so. Robin kept getting older; they'd play up Tim's computer skills, stuff like that. Damian was 180 degrees in the other direction - he's a friggin' 10-year old omnicompetent ninja with an attitude. He's the most absurd Robin of them all, and that's exactly why he's awesome - but at the same time if eventually you want to get back to telling more "grounded" Batman stories, he's an odd fit.

    I could see DC going for the idea of having a Robin who operates in Gotham but who is more or less independent of Batman, who does things his own way and is loosely associated with Batman but not really a sidekick. Duke seems like he'd be a good fit in that role (although so would Tim and there are already way too many Robins, so...)

    Anyway, fantastic issue. Loved it!

  9. Damian should never have been resurrected in the first place. Pete Tomasi undercut the ending of Batman Incorporated way too soon.

  10. I gotta say, I'm not a fan of how everything just magically goes back to the standard status quo in the end, but I guess it had to for the sake of the new writer. I actually really like the new costume, though. I like that they've gone back to dark blue as opposed to black, and they're added some more yellow to the suit. The purple lining of the cape could also be harkening back to the Justice League cartoon, too.