Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SPOILERS: Batgirl #49

Remember when this book was just like "here's a bad guy, punch it," but then the boots came and it started to get sort of crazy? Well this issue is real crazy in the best way possible.

The Spoilers:

Babs is pretty much a drooling vegetable after her run in with Fugue, and the duo of Frankie and Black Canary are struggling to find a way to fix her mind before it gets real bad. Frankie's got a back up of Babs' brainscan, the one that went real bad, and believes she can use it to help navigate Babs' broken mind to weed out what essentially is "bad code."

And that's exactly what she does, Frankie enters Babs' mind, finds AI Babs, and begins to navigate it, eliminating traces of Fugue's vandalization. We also find out who Fugue is, he was a bank robber that Babs put away as Batgirl, and he held a grudge, wanted to ruin her life, all that stuff. We also see all sorts of twisted memories that Fugue has given Babs, which Frankie tries to set right. As they move through Babs' brain, the AI scan begins to get distracted, often leaving Frankie to call her back into action.

Things get real shaky for a bit as AI Babs aint helping, which causes Frankie to sort of overload the system and we see a bunch of memories all at once. Some clearly made up by Fugue... some we've come to know as real events, leaving certain things up in the air as to whether or not they actually happened... you know, like that whole thing with the clown... Nothing definitive, but maaaaybe.

ANYWAYS. AI Babs takes this as an opportunity to kick Frankie out and take back "her" life. Back in reality, Dinah gives Frankie the idea to do to AI Babs, what they were doing with the Fugue code, and use what's left to bring Babs back to reality. And that's exactly what happens!

Anyways, Babs wakes up, she has no more memory of "Greg" and everything is back where it should be. To wrap things up, Babs knows what Fugue is planning (using that weapon she found plans for) so she assembles the Birds of a team of allies including Dinah, Harper, Steph and Frankie to take him down.

The Opinion:

So like I said, this issue is crazy and I like it. I'm all for subverting expectations. You see "Bat" in the title and you can usually assume "vigilante, punches people in the face" and 99% of the time, you're right. Going into someone's brain, having altered memories, making huge implications about huge things in the past, you don't get that kind of stuff from your everyday Bat vigilante comic. This issue also did fill-in art right. Whether or not it was entirely planned, Babs Tarr needed to get ahead on issue #50, or what, this is how most books should handle multiple artists: Have them draw individual scenes, and if possible, have there be a reason for the change in art. Nothing annoys me more than turning the page to find a different artist in the middle of a scene, so this issue's artistic structure was a major plus for me. All in all, it was a pretty nutso, entertaining issue.

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