Thursday, March 24, 2016

Damian Probably Has a New Partner

DC has been posting animated gifs teasing stuff for Rebirth. We've gotten new pictures of Harley and Killer Croc, Jessica Cruz and now Damian with who I'm lead to believe is Jon Kent, Pre-New 52 Superman's son. There's a book in Rebirth called Super Sons... I'm gonna make the same guess that the rest of the world is and say that this is it.

Remember when a lot of shit happened in The New 52 and the only reasoning was "because New 52," well, welcome to "because Rebirth," I guess... Potentially, at least. If this is what Super Sons turns out to be, I'm going to make the useless plea for someone other than Jurgens (who is writing Lois and Clark where Jon Kent is currently appearing) to be the writer, because while I know people have liked that new Superman book, I find him to be a dreadfully boring writer and that's the exact opposite kind of voice I want to see on Damian.


I guess we'll find out Saturday.


  1. Your speculation makes perfect sense.

    As for your assessment of Jurgens, I agree, solid writer, but not exciting. Capable, professional. But doesn't scream "new energy" to me. If nothing else, it would make sense that he would write one of the Superman titles (rumor is Action Comics, I think...) He obviously has a long history with Superman, and if DC's goal is to service long-time fans with some good ol' fashioned nostalgia, then there's nothing like Dan Jurgens doing Superman.

  2. I'm thinking that Gleason will be involved. He was pulled off RSOB early, so he probably has something in the pipeline. Or maybe Gene Yang, now that he's off Superman.