Saturday, March 26, 2016

Batman Rebirth: The Good, Bad and Ugly

So quite a day for me. Woke up, saw Batman Vs. Superman... it's a mess and Zack Snyder is barely better than Michael Bay, then came home to everything new involving Batman. Quite a lot to discuss. Lots of good stuff... then some bad... then some "jesus fucking christ, STILL!?" Let's discuss, shall we?


As predicted, rumored, leaked, whatever you want to call it, Tom King will be writing Batman, which is awesome. Drawing the book will be David Finch and Mikel Janin, who are on completely different sides of the spectrum, but I'm okay with Finch and Batman, and I think Mikel Janin is fantastic as well, so I'm pleased. Interestingly enough, this was the only project that was announced which had a colorist named and that was Jordie Bellaire, who is indeed quite the get. I still find it weird that she was the only one named... maybe it's because she's pretty high profile in the world of colorists and does so much to promote their importance, so they kind of had to address it? Yet then didn't mention single colorist past that. Weird. Anyways, Tom King said something about making it a real personal story. There's Jim. There's Duke. There's two other people.


Tim Seeley will continue writing Dick. Thank god. Joining him on art will be Javi Fernandez and Marcus To. He'll be getting back his blue suit, which DC was apparently very much against back in the New 52 for some reason, despite attempts by some key people to change it... But whatever, it's blue, but we've once again lost the arm and finger stripes. Everything that happened in Grayson still happened... You can even see a court of Owls mask up in the corner. Thank god Damian is featured on the cover. Will have more to say about him later... unfortunately. 


Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, the creative team that remade Batgirl for the better will be leaving (for an Image book), but reading twitter, they've already given their blessing to oncoming writer Hope Larson and artist Rafael Albuquerque, because American Vampire is apparently never going to get finished. Batgirl will be headed on a global adventure this time around, leaving behind her life in Burnside. For the better I think, because if we're really doing this Rebirth thing, might as well do something new than try to continue what was something so definitive to the particular creators on the title.

Batgirl & the Birds of Prey

Clunky ass title aside (seriously, just call it straight up Birds of Prey), the holy trinity of the Birds of Prey, Barbara Gordon, Dinah Lance (is it Drake again?) and Helena Bertinelli reunite... or unite the first time? I don't know. Written by Julie and Shawna Benson, who write for "The 100," whatever that show is, will be joined by Claire Roe on art. I'm pretty unfamiliar with all three of those women, so here's hoping it's good? I'd really, really, really like this book to turn out well. It was mentioned that Helena will be returning to her crime family story which sounds like that means Spyral will be dissolving. Also, someone is calling herself Oracle, and it's not Barbara. That's the first arc I guess.

Detective Comics

A while ago, I just guessed Tynion was working on Detective Comics, simply because it was assumed Tom King was on Batman but James was still talking about doing Bat stories... process of elimination! Joining him will be Eddy Barrows and Alvaro Martinez, along with pretty much the rest of the Bat family. To myself, I've been saying they should just turn Tec into a Bat family book, because it's pointless to have two Batman solo titles, especially in the Scott Snyder age when one was WAY more involving than the other. Detective will see Batman and Batwoman leading a team of Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain and Clayface, for some reason. I'd expect to see the likes of Harper Row and Azrael in there as well.

All-Star Batman

Fucking a, I first heard about what would become All-Star Batman back in October and I've been feverishly waiting for it be announced ever since. Scott Snyder is going to be joined by the craziest line up of artists to tell a story where they focus on a whole bunch of classic villains, presenting them in new lights... all in continuity. Those artists? John Romita Jr,  Jock, Sean Murphy, Paul Pope, Afua Richardson, Tula Lotay and more... If some of the names I've heard in that "and more" still turn out to be true, man holy shit... just a legendary book. I'm really, really, really genuinely excited about this book and I can't wait. Also, Scott Snyder was signed as a DC exclusive. 

Harley Quinn

Harley is Harley, the creative team of Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Chad Hardin and John Timms are sticking around, and given how much DC has banked on that book, for better or worse, that's not surprising. I'll continue to read it too, which shouldn't be surprising... Jimmy Palmiotti did basically say Dan Didio and Wonder Woman have comparable breasts... that was pretty funny if we're considering the fact that's just something you don't say to your boss, but fuck it!

Red Hood and the Outlaws

I mean, WHAT THE FUCK!? Why the hell is no one other than Scott Lobdell aloud to write Jason Todd?! What kind of fucking dirt does he have on Bob Harras? Did he save his life one time or something? I went into After Effects and Mocha to make that gif weeks ago, specifically because I had the idea of "I'm going to need a reaction for when they inevitably announce Scott Lobdell is still writing Jason Todd." Jason is teaming up with Bizarro and Artemis and fuck that. Just kill Jason again at this point.

Everything Else:

Lost in the shuffle was Gotham Academy: Second Semester, which will be returning and given that it was Brenden Fletcher who mentioned it today, I'm assuming he's going to continue, I'll guess Becky Cloonan will come back, maaaaaybe Karl Kerschl? 

There was some other stuff that genuinely got me pretty interested in some titles that I haven't really cared about before. Greg Rucka is returning to DC to write Wonder Woman with artists Liam Sharp and Nicolla Scott, which is fantastic. All I hope is that Black Magick continues over at Image.

Bryan Hitch and Tony Daniel are taking on Justice League. I kind of feel like I have to read that title, because you just sort of have to. Hopefully it's good. Francis Manapul and Clay Mann are on Trinity, could be interesting. Dick is going to be in Titans with Donna, Roy and Garth again. Even though I fell off Titans Hunt pretty quick, the idea of Dick getting his legacy back seems appealing to me, I might keep tabs on that title. Suicide Squad from Rob Williams, Jim Lee and Philip Tan. Cast is Harley, Killer Croc, Dead Shot, Katana, Flagg and more, because saying "it's the cast of the movie" apparently is just too cynical. I'll read it. Simon Oliver and Moritat are doing Hellblazer, which is apparently going to be John and Swamp Thing trying to save Abby Holland. I like Moritat and I like the Swamp Thing part of that, we'll see. And then there's some other stuff scattered around.


Oh yeah, Damian

You mean my favorite character Damian Wayne?

To quote Batman... "oh shit"

I'm not a fan of Ben Percy. Found his two Detective Comics issues to be boring and it took me about two seconds to drop his Green Arrow... last I saw, Oliver was a werewolf because reasons. Well, he'll be writing Teen Titans where Damian decides he's going to be the leader of the team and they don't like it... because apparently everyone that exact story already happened.

Then he is also going to be in Super Sons with Superman's kid... for reasons! No writer or artist was attached to that book, because I don't DC quite nailed one down. Same with Justice League of America. 

Overall, that Batman stuff looks real good. I really hope Damian has a significant role in Nightwing, and god damn it, Scott Lobdell. DC did an alright job of getting me re-interested in a number of books I had lost all interest, and then some, in previously... hopefully it turns out to be good, that's all I want.

I do already miss all the fringe elements that recent DC really made great... Like Midnighter. Fuck it, let's just say the absence of Midnighter here really bums me the fuck out. Hopefully Tom King can integrate him into Batman because those two facing off in some form needs to happen... or Steve Orlando can throw a twist into Supergirl and work him in there too, I don't know.

EDIT: OH YEEAH... apparently Johns is going to address that whole Joker thing in Justice League fully... I'll talk about that when we get to it.


  1. Overall pretty good line up, All star Batman sounds insane. The only issue I have with the big books is Finch on Batman. After his Dark Knight run and forever evil I kinda feel no hype for him. And the superman books felt the most lacking, I kinda hoped they were gonna announce a "Allstar Superman" type book with Morrison and his gallery of artists. Wonder Woman is absolutely the standout book, the first one that really peaked my excitement.

    Holy fuck, Superman has had more writers in the past 6 years than Redhood. This is one of those times where Jason was better off dead.

  2. Detective looks awesome. I'm partial to Eddy Barrows though.Very excited for Nightwing and Batman.

  3. It was nice to see King confirmed for Batman, I'll definitely be getting that book.

    I like what Rucka is doing with Wonder Woman (I have never bought a Wonder Woman comic in my life, Rucka's will be my second after Earth One next month), doing 2 stories with his 2 artists.

    I'm excited to see Tomasi and Gleason together on Superman, which is enough to get me to buy that book too (guess I'll have to buy his crossover thing now), their Batman and Robin run I think is one of the most underrated books in the whole N52.

    I'll get Justice League pretty much only because I have to buy anything Tony Daniel puts out. That said, he hasn't stuck with anything in a while now so I'm not holding my breath that it will be a long run for him.

    Jim Lee on Suicide Squad is a bold move that will definitely have me buying that comic for as long as he does it.

    And holy fucking shit, All Star Batman? That was exactly the sort of thing I wanted to see, Sean Murphy doing an arc of Batman? 1st issue may give me a heart attack.

    But also several mysteries, what is that JLA book and what is Johns going to write? And where are DC mainstay artists Reis and Fabok? Maybe that JLA book will answer the other two questions.

  4. I wasn't sure I'd read Batman with Tom King on it, as I really didn't love Grayson past the first arc, but his explanation of what he plans to do with Batman convinced me it could be interesting. All-Star Batman is really exciting, I kind of hope Greg Capullo does some of it once he returns to DC as I really like his new Batsuit design and would like to see him draw it more, but the way they talk about what they're going to do together when they reunite doesn't totally sound like "Greg will be part of a rotating group of artists on All-Star Batman", so I'm not sure that's in the cards.

  5. A couple of points. Overall I was hoping for a bit more in the way of new creative talent. The King and Seeley Batman and Nightwing announcements were fantastic and I am happy to see Snyder writing more reeled in Batman stories a la Black Mirror because I think that's where he really shines brightest. I hope King and Seeley bring the Morrison elements into the spotlight more. I'm also really happy to see Rucka back at DC. Hopefully his experience this time around goes well for him and they bounce him around a few other books.

    Is anyone else kinda pissed that Robert Vendetti is STILL writing Green Lantern? His run has been kinda garbage in my opinion and it is really long. I was really hoping to see Geoff Johns writing Jessica Cruz. Speaking of Johns, is he not writing comics anymore? I know he's doing the rebirth special but no ongoings? I know not everyone is a fan but, still kinda shitty.

    Here are what I think were major missteps: Lobdell on any book, Ben Percy on any book, Dan Abnett on Titans (really needed some fresh blood here) not giving anything to Amy Chu, Robert Venditti on Green Lantern.

    Two final thoughts. Detective probably wont be very good and is Sam Humphries any good? I've never read any of his work, but I am very curious.

  6. Snyder has a Batbook, King is in the main book, Rucka has Wonds, Tomasi and Jurgens both have Supes...

    It's Christmas morning and I was good this year.

    Oh, and I'll probably follow Tynion's 'Tec, especially since it will feature Cassie, and hopefully Harper (yeah, I like her, wanna fight about it?). Not bursting at the seams for it, but I'm betting it'll at least be decent.

    I might check out Super Sons. I feel like this grew out more naturally than the first time DC tried this. I also like that New 52 Supes and Pre-Flashpoint Supes both have their own places in the lineup. I know this isn't a Superman blog, but I just wanted to point this out (hm, has anyone started a Metropolis Spoilers, or is that what that Superman Homepage is for?).

  7. I'm (a) a Bat-fan first, and (b) a fan of a few different writers and artists who are writing non-Bat-books. The latter books are Justice League w/ Tony Daniel on art (I haven't read Hitch's JLA so can't comment on whether it's good... I just know if you care about DCU you should probably read JL), Wonder Woman written by Greg Rucka (with art by Nicola Scott and Liam Sharp) should be great, and Tomasi and Gleason's Superman.

    Non-Bat-books I could try but probably won't be in on: Gene Luan-Yang's New Superman, Dan Jurgens' Action Comics, and Francis Manapaul's Trinity (if he was just doing art and not writing I'd be all in).

    I don't care if Jim Lee is doing Suicide Squad; he'll be gone within six issues. It's just to launch the book and hype the movie.

    As for Bat-books: in on King/Finch/Janin Batman and Snyder/EVERYONE All Star Batman (duh). I'll also be in for Seeley's Nightwing. I might check out Tynion's Detective, but that title will officially continue to be the "B" title of the Bat-books (just like Action Comics is for Superman). Weird that they're returning Tim Drake to the Robin suit... since Duke and Damian are also Robin. I guess We Are All Robin or whatever. Who even cares at this point. So fucked up.

    No interest in Super Sons (regardless of who writes it) nor Teen Titans... nope nope nope. So no Damian in my life. Oh well.

    I haven't cared about Venditti's Green Lantern for years and guess I can continue ignoring it. Cyborg, Aquaman, Green Arrow... unless there's an under-the-radar bad ass writer and/or artist working any of those, I have no interest. Sam Humphries is writing something? Except I don't care because I didn't like anything he did at Marvel. Oh yeah. Green Lanterns with Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. NOPE. Don't are.

    So I guess I'll be reading Batman, All Star Batman, Nightwing, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League. Frankly, that's more DC than I'm reading now, so I guess that's technically a win for them? Congrats guys!

    1. Oh, and I agree with FHIZ: Zack Snyder is Michael Bay but dumber. And that's saying something.

  8. How is continuity working going forward? Batgirl is back packing through Europe AND leading BoP? Will pick up action comics as it continues the current Lois and Clark book (surprisingly good) also desperately hoping midnighter is a regular in Nightwing. Outside long shot wish list........ wildCats??? Maybe a 6 issue mini just to test the waters?????

  9. I was really worried when I hadn't seen Patrick Gleason's name on any of the recaps I'd read so far, so I looked it up and I guess I have to start reading Superman because I absolutely loved Tomasi and Gleason on B&R, as well as Son Of Batman

  10. Just wanna say Hitch's JLA is really freaking good. Like really good. I was really surprised by how competent of a writer he turned out to be lol and he hands down had one of the best if not the best superman moment of recent memory in the most recent issue.

    But yeah, super excited for King on batman, Seeley continuing into nightwing, and obviously all-star batman. Have a really good feeling on the dynamic between King and Seeley between Batman and Nightwing. Really excited.

    Hoping for a reintroduction of the Jsa in JL and a Hickman penned legion series would be fantastic.

    Superman line should be interesting under tomasi's helm as well and Rucka's return just feels monumental.

  11. I'm SICK and TIRED of Lobdell's inconsistent story arcs. Jason shouldn't be above killing, shouldn't be working with anyone else other than Ravager and Grifter, and most importantly he shouldn't be in the same book with characters like Bizarro. He should be DC's Punisher. Where the hell is Judd Winick when you need him? In my perfect world, I can see Jason written by Chris Yost, since that is not possible anymore, at least get Judd back on the damn character. Fuckin Lobdell just doesn't care anymore.

  12. I don't get why Lobdell still has a job honestly....

    As for the titles....I'm probably gonna check Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl and Batgirl and the Birds of Prey.
    And Detective comics because I LOVE Tim Drake and I love Cass and I love Steph (well Tim's one of my all time favorite comics characters pre N52). Tim's not Robin but Red Robin with Robin colored costume (the Red & Black has ALWAYS been to honor Kon's death and I don't think he exists -yet...maybe never- in rebirth so there's no reason to keep this color code). Apparently he leads the team so I kinda hope he's helping Steph & Cass because they're newbie heroes because as RR he shouldn't have any reason to still be a trainee...
    (Also apparently they're gonna try to go more in depth with Tim & Steph's relationship which is something I'm afraid of because as cute as they were under Lewis' run. After the time they killed her off it always felt like their time was done and then it felt very like Ross & Rachel and really why can't they just make them become 'just' friends ? -I admit I tend to dislike romantic relationships portrayal in comics. They were strating to get there, at least on Tim's part until convergence happened (oh such a bad piece of writing...It introduces N52 pretty well on that aspect -_-) and it was great. Why did I go with this again ? Oh right, though I think they should be done with, one of the reason I don't want a romance written between them is that theyy'll ruin the kind of relationship they used to have (they were a very 'domestic' kind of couple and all the 'drama' lines they tried to insert later were often ridiculous and slightly OOC....Especially in convergence).
    I'm also afraid of Tim's characterisation of course and how it'll affect all his relationships...Liketbh Cass (I loved Tim's relationships with all the batgirls, they were all very sweet). Tynon's run of Batman & Robin Eternal gave us a very 'meh' kind of Tim Drake so...
    I'm going into this series with a heavy heart and not much hope, but the hope is still there. I'll have to wait and see.

    I'm most probably not gonna read the Teen Titans. I don't really see any point.

    As for Super Sons, since DC's decided 'let's dark up things that have no necessity being darken up' in the past few years. Super Sons seems to be the equivalent of what Young Justice was back in 1998, a light hearted comics about kids being kids. I'm just disappointed that it wasn't Kon and Tim (I still have hope OK! They have one of my favorite friendship EVER in comics, I can't just give up on them no matter how DC wants to break them up! I'd be happy if Bart and Cassie were added but just Tim and Kon would be amazing, or Tim Kon & Bart ! Any of those three combinations of characters would be welcome T.T). SO yeah I'm gonna read it because it seems cute and this is the kind of things characters like Damian need.
    Also I firmly believes the Bats need their own (therapeutic) Super puppy. Bruce has Clark, Tim has Kon, now Damian has Jon, Dick doesn't need one he's his own puppy, now if we could have a friendship between Kara and Jason that'd be awesome (I can imagine the arguments from here, they'd have at least an interesting dynamic). Finally Cass has Steph, so she doesn't need a puppy.