Sunday, February 28, 2016

Stack Rundown, 2/28/2016

Welcome to the REAL last day of February, none of this bullshit February 29th nonsense around here. Tomorrow is March 1st as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure President Trump will fix this!

...oh god.

It should also be worth noting that I am reading Sunstone vol. 4, but I am not super human, I have barely had enough time to start reading it let alone finish it in less than a week for this post. Still good!

Dark Knight III #3

Well, I mean, we all knew this wouldn’t come out on time, didn’t we? It’s unfortunate, but I guess we’ll have to deal with it. Regardless, three issues in, and I’m really liking this book so far. I was skimming across my RSS feeds the other day and saw a headline that said something along the lines of this isn’t a Batman book anymore, and that’s pretty much my one big complaint. This is a “Dark Knight” book, but in three issues, neither Batman nor Carrie have really done anything. It’s all been the Kandor stuff and a chase scene last issue. Granted, the Superman stuff (and Batman being a total dick speaking to him) is good, but the book is calling itself a sequel to the Dark Knight legacy, the least it can do is use Batman more.

Suicide Squad Most Wanted #2

Well, that was a particularly dark Deadshot story, no? Always gets a bit dark with his family involved, I guess. My big problem was the transition between *the scene* and then the “MY DAUGHTER!” part. It just felt clunky and reminded me that I’m not usually a fan of this writer… I do like Viktor Bogdanovic’s art though. It’s very clearly taking many cues from Greg Capullo, but he sort of reminds me of early Jason Fabok, where the David Finch elements were super clear, but as time went on, he established his style more independent of the influences. It’ll be interesting to see if that happens with Bogdanovic if DC (or anyone) keeps having him draw books. The Katana story… EH. Not doing much for me, and that’s why I’m probably not going to buy the next issue… $5 or 6 is a lot for a book I feel lukewarm on at best.

Justice League #48

Darkseid War has been a fun action-packed story with plenty of stuff going on from issue to issue… But I’m sitting here wondering where Aquaman is… Then on top of that, I asked myself “Wait, wasn’t Captain Cold joining the team a big thing or something?” If we go even further past that, I can’t even remember what the last story arc was in this book… it couldn’t have been Forever Evil, right? AMAZO VIRUS, that’s right. Anyways, my point being is this: With Rebirth coming up, what the fuck is up with Geoff Johns? Outside of Justice League, everything he’s written in the New 52, he’s dropped and its lasting effect has been negligible, very unlike Johns. You could think “Well, there’s always Justice League” and after #50, there won’t be. What about those characters? Goldrush? Plastic Man in Forever Evil? That thing that Batman said about his and Wonder Woman’s past? The crossover he started talking to Bryan Hitch about? The list goes on. It’s just one after the other of loose threads… and now Johns is off to “fix" the DCU, but given the recent past, I certainly hope it’s more immediate than long term, because I don’t want a bunch of dangling plot threads in the “fixed” DCU three years down the line.

Chew #55

Well, that was a turn I wasn’t expecting. So Amelia is alright, Savoy on the other hand? Well… Perfect note that he left. This is it. Not much time left on the series. We got another Poyo one shot in a month or two, then the series should be wrapped up by November this year. I’m super curious how the final arc is going to turn up, especially since it isn’t involving the Vampire dude, who If you asked me last year, I would tell you he’d be the big fight in issue #60 or something. I just wonder how they’re going to make the whole chicken conspiracy thing blow up into this thing that’ll wrap up everything in the previous 55 issues into a satisfying conclusion.

Cry Havoc #2

I’m really, really liking this book so far. I think I said something along the lines of loving Si Spurrier’s style last month, and how it sort of gives you late game info up front, plays around with narrative order, and is just genuinely more unique and interesting compared to a typical point A to B comic. This is a book about monsters assembled into a military unit, although none of them are actually soldiers, and they’re out to find another monster who has gone rogue. It’s like Heart of Darkness… holy shit, is this a Heart of Darkness book? Did I just crack the code? Maybe it was said in an interview that I didn’t read, who knows! Regardless, it’s like HoD, but a tone of weirder shit happens… like a big dude who needs to make “ball explosion” five times a day.

Saga #34

Saga is doing what Saga does, and that’s being fucking great. Not a whole lot happened in this issue though, just a lot of talking and making plans… we’re at the last issue of an arc though, aren’t we? Thy’re on five issue arcs right? or six? Well, then something should probably happen next month at the very least. If there’s one thing to make note of in this issue, it is how great The Will is now that he’s fucking crazy… and a bit heavier… just talking to his naked spider girlfriend who ain’t there.

Black Magick #5

So I guess I’m 0 for 2 in feeling like real bad shit is going to happen to some characters this week (the other being Chew). Alex didn’t die, but the shit that happened to her sure did get weird. Those last couple of pages with the… Cthulu and other various magic bullshit fan club, yeah, they could be an interesting part of this book. Just a strange fucking cast of characters there, and if they all become the antagonists later on, you can tell that this book will get quite crazy just by looking at them. Lots more color in this issue too… still black and white, but this had the most use of the minimalist color approach, and it looked fucking great.

The Goddamned #3

So Cain flashes a bunch of raiders his “mark,” and they run away… so basically, it looks like he flashed his dick and that made a bunch of cavemen looking assholes run away, and I found that funny. I also found the first couple of pages with Adam and Eve just verbally going out eachother’s throats pretty funny as well, because man, somebody is going to hell for this, but it sure is hilarious.

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  1. I'm hoping that Rebirth helps Johns address some of those loose ends. You are right, through justice league, he has set up so many quality plot threads that no one ever jumped on. Shazam, metal men, power ring, owl man running loose since forever evil, captain cold working for lex Luthor etc. If the rest of the DCU now has to follow his lead maybe these ideas filter into all the books