Sunday, February 21, 2016

Stack Rundown, 02/21/2016

With all the Rebirth news this week, the last thing I wanted to do after Thursday was read more comics, just too much thinking about them. So, Thursday, Friday, Saturday... Nothing. Then I woke up today and went "eh, I should probably read those" and saw the Archie face above, illustrated by Veronica Fish, and thought "Comics are going to be alright."

Secret Six #11

This issue was… alright. Gail Simone going deep into her Strix character again, which kind of leaves me high and dry because I’ve never really connected with that character. But hey, Batgirl is there and Lady Shiva still has her bad costume, but at least they’re not making her wear the helmet which was the absolute worst part of it.

Extraordinary X-Men #7

Quick way to sum up this issue is that Nightcrawler saw a mass grave of mutants, Sunfire helped cyclops and some shit is going to go down with Magick and Limbo, probably after the Apocalypse story. Wasn’t really anything that stood out to me in this issue.

Sex Criminals #14

Boy, releasing issues on a every third of a year basis sure sucks. After so long I had to remind myself just what’s going on here and I’m still not quite sure I remember it all correctly. I’m not sure what Jon and Suzie are trying to steal now… This shit will happen when there are months and months between issues, I guess. On top of that, I felt this issue was just sort of fractured. Had a weird flow. The meta thing was funny in its own way, but the stuff with Jon and Suzie just seemed out of focus… They’re planning something I forgot, then at the end Suzie has a conversation with her friend and decides she doesn’t want to do whatever it is that I’ve forgotten… and i’m just like “well, why?” Really hoping this book has a better year than it had last, because it was so great, but fell off a fucking cliff at some point.

Archie #6

This one is still really fun. I enjoy all the schemes that go on, even if it’s the “bad” kid scheming. Not much to say past that, though.

Devolution #2

You know what makes me uncomfortable? Big old racist nazi dudes who are super into cutting off balls and rape. Safe to say that Gil dude isn’t a nice dude. But if there’s an upside to that character being the definition of a shitty person and then some, it almost guarantees that he’ll get killed in an extremely satisfying way down the line.

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  1. Sex Crims, like a lot of books that blow up (Rat Queens comes to mind) is a victim of its own success. The creators get pulled in different directions. The silly XXX variant cover / polybag nonsense that they tried to do didn't help shipping schedule. I just wish they would go back to making it a regular indie comic that's lovable and fun and not a celebratory gimmick that comes out every 3-4 months. I don't understand the books that don't just stick to a strict, rule where they bank a couple issues before they start publishing an arc again. If it takes six months, it takes six months. At least you don't end up with multiple month interruptions in media res.

    Devolution is all kinds of fucked up -- Remender at his Remenderest.