Sunday, February 14, 2016

Stack Rundown, 02/14/2016

Happy Valentine's day. I love the new New Suicide Squad creative team, now watch DC go and fuck it up by giving us another new team with Rebirth that is baaaaaad. LOVE IS DEAD... maybe.

New Suicide Squad #17

Well, this is exactly what I wanted. Suicide Squad with a writer whose voice for writing characters is something I hold in high regard and it’s accompanied by fantastic art. I’ve said it before, but Tim Seeley has a fantastic knack for nailing how he writes individual characters, never seems to get them wrong, so him jumping on board to a title that I wanted to read, but it’s just been so bland, was a dream come true. On the other side of the coin, Juan Ferrerya’s art was pretty much the only thing I enjoyed about the final issues of Gotham by Midnight that I read. This was a big jumping on point issue, so there was a lot of “here’s where everything is at” but you can already tell how well this creative team is going to match the franchise… Also, the Batman Inc stuff within the first 3 pages was a nice pull. So yeah, great start, glad to finally be happy with reading Suicide Squad again.

Gotham Academy #15

So I didn’t cover this one on the site because the anthology style of stories just doesn’t fit what I do with full write ups. It’s alright, I just prefer the regular series much more, because a lot of these stories just don’t do much for me… Most of them, actually. I guess the one thing to take away from this issue is there’s something up with Hammer and his place in Gotham.

Catwoman #49

I think I pointed out that I mistakenly bought the first issue of this run out of habbit, given I buy books when I wake up despite how groggy I can be. Every issue is “I thought this would be really bad, but it’s pretty okay.” The art is great, Inaki Miranda draws one fucking hell of a Killer Croc, and the fight between Croc, Batgirl and Selina looked fantastic. It’s still just an average Catwoman story with no real ambition or anything. It still bothers the crap out of me how everything from the good run of Catwoman was swept under the rug within two panels yet bringing back characters from Nocenti’s garbage run is A-OK. Fucking weird… Harras probably loved those issues or something.

Harley's Little Black Book #2

Remember when I wrote up the first issue of this series and went “Man, I don’t give a shit about those London heroes and it would be so much better if it just focused on Harley and Wonder Woman,” well, I’m going to propose a theory… They were in this issue, but probably weren’t originally supposed to be. Why? Because every page but the last one that featured them was illustrated by a different artist, and the final page, illustrated by Timms (who drew the rest of the issue) looked a little different than the rest. So if someone went “THE KIDS LOVE THESE GUY, PUT EM IN THE NEXT ISSUE” I wouldn’t be surprised… and I’m not going to be surprised when they’re given a mini series for some fucking reason later this year. I actually skipped every page they were featured in and guess what, it didn’t make a difference to my comprehension or enjoyment of the issue. What does that tell you? Other than that, it was Harley and Green Lantern having a fight/team up, whatever. There’s too much one-note Harley Quinn on the market and all the extra characters created within the series are not interesting nor viably entertaining past some one-off bits, the end.

Old Man Logan #2

Is Old Man Logan’s sense of smell diminished or something? His healing factor is slower, so I’d assume his other enhancements aren’t as good as they once were, right? It’d make sense. I’m just questioning why he wouldn’t be able to smell that Cho-Hulk isn’t Banner-Hulk. I mean, I assume Hulks of all types smell pretty rank, because I mean, just look at them.  But anyways… it was an alright issue. Looked real good, but other than that it can be summed up as “A misunderstanding then Hawkeye, but not the dude Hawkeye.” I saw a lot of reaction like “OH IT WAS SO GOOD” and I’m just sort of like “eh,” I don’t get it… Maybe people are just reacting to the art or something.

All-New Wolverine #5

I continue to be more invested in this book than I expected, what can I say, it’s just generally an entertaining book. That’s pretty much all I got to say about this book, the big event of this issue was sort of foreshadowed by the solicits, which is a surprise because I generally don’t pay attention to Marvel solicits so I’m not sure how I came across that one. RUN ON SENTENCES.

Black Science #20

I love the premise of this issue: Grant is just trying to have a nice day, stop being such a pessimistic dick, and save the Eververse, but OH NO, a death cult of universe jumping genocidal aliens are just trying to ruin his nice day. Seriously. That could be the solicit text for this issue. It’s interesting to see one of Remender’s trademark nihilistic character is genuinely trying to change their ways and better themselves with the power of possibility because NEW. DAY ROCKS. NEW. DAY ROCKS. ::plays trombone::

Descender #10

Robots man, and Tim-21 is going to summon the bad guys from Mass Effect again… wait no, they were the Reapers… these are the Harvesters. Whatever man, ROBOTS… How has there not been a kiss my shiny metal ass joke in here at least once? Is that too on the nose?

Low #11

With both this and Black Science coming out on the same day, I’ve got a new theory, there’s an equilibrium of Remender books. This book was all about Stel being optimistic, now Grant over in Black Science is all zippity doo da, so where’s that leave this book? Welllllllllll… One of Stel’s daughters is real pissed about drinking her mom’s hope kool-aid and blames holding out for it ruined her life because all it did was made the pain feel worse so she kinda just brutally murders the hope priest who her mom learned all that stuff from. Fun stuff. It’ll be interesting to see how Della’s role in this book plays out, because she could have drank a little too much of the hope is dead kool aid after she abandoned what her mother taught her… She’s gonna sabatoge some shit, ain’t she?

Invader Zim #7

I didn’t like the art of the last issue at all, and given that I heard that there was going to be an artist switch, I thought whoever drew that issue was the new full-time artist, turns out I was wrong and we’re back to Zim looking like Zim and not some weird Rick and Morty looking Zim. So it’s the classic cartoon makes a society that evolves at an astonishing rate and worships their creator story. Honestly surprised they never got to this in the show, but that show’s broadcast history is so fucking weird, it really isn’t THAT surprising. But yeah, it is totally that Lisa makes a society in a petrie dish story… or Carman throws some jizz into a sea monkey tank and they worship him… Point is, this is a pretty typical cartoon storyline, but the twist is that this is Zim… and he totally genocides them at the end, but it’s okay, because the totally wanted him to, YAAAAAAAY.

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