Sunday, February 7, 2016

Stack Rundown, 02/07/2016

TODAY'S THE BIG GAME! And I don't really have any investment in who wins... but Peyton has a big dumb head, so go Panthers. Also, if you say "I watch it for the commercials" you're a liar or in denial, because those commercials have been awful for the past handful of years.


Midnighter #9

Last issue had Spyral on the cover and we didn’t get any Spyral until the very end, and the same sort of thing is pulled here with Suicide Squad showing up at the end… but it’s really just Harley and Deadshot accompanying a new character who is like the anti-Midnighter… who Prometheus kind of was. Sort of repeating itself in a way, but nevertheless, the book remains badass as hell. The one thing I am having trouble with is keeping track of all the characters Midnighter hangs out with in his civilian life. Prior to this, I could have sworn he was dating someone else before he was dating the dude that turned out to be Prometheus. Now with keeping track of all the actual super heroics again, I’m scratching my head trying to remember who everyone else in the book is. Regardless, it’s good to see a mix of lives between a guy who has no secret identity… Just wish I could find myself more invested in them.

Uncanny Avengers #5

Last month we got the Red Skull tease and now hey look, it’s the Red Skull. This is enough of a dangling plot line to keep me going, so hey, glad there’s something to hold my attention. Other than that, it was sort of a in between arcs issue Marvel does, it was alright, nothing major other than “yep, Red Skull is still a priority."

Vision #4

This book does some shit with the narration that really reminds me a lot of Saga… as in it flat out states some bad shit is coming. There’s a part in this issue where it basically says The Visions daughter has a limited shelf life so to speak, and with the way things are turning out for his family, that sure seems accurate BECAUSE HOLY SHIT DID THINGS JUST GET REAL FUCKING DARK. Man, oh man… this book is getting so god damn intense. Shit just got real. Makes me really wonder what Tom King would bring to Batman… that is, hopefully if they don’t fuck it up by making it bi-weekly and demanding “event” stories over and over again.

Uncanny X-Men #3

So some stuff happens in this issue with that Bendis healer character and Fantomex shows up he’s working with Mystique or whatever… but then there’s Xorn. Now, I’ve read Grant Morrison’s X-Men run, and I read about what happened afterwards, so I’m sitting here just going “Wait, what?” Which lead me to read deeper into what happened in post-Morrison X-Men and boy that was a mistake… but whatever, it’s a cool book, I guess. Shen-Xorn man… what?

Paper Girls #5

Fucking A this book is still so weird.What I really enjoy about this book is that it doesn’t hold your hand and sort of lets you figure out what it’s about on your own. Other books will do this but will try and be real smart about it and end up not really providing the necessary information needed. This on the other hand… well it’s about the future where old people and young people are at war so they young people travel through time stealing tech to sell and fund their… stuff… there are dinosaurs… and people talk as if they’ve got Jamaican accents or something… and… fuck this book is so weird and I love it.

Pretty Deadly #8

I really need to go back and remind myself of all these characters and their relationships with one another, because there are parts of this issue where I’m just entirely lost, like the twins who show up. Don’t know who they are, can’t remember if they were in the first arc, maybe they were, maybe they’re new and I’m not supposed to know… But damn if this book isn’t pretty and Deathface Ginny still isn’t the best character name ever.

Nailbiter #20

Jesus christ, finally! Forever, I’ve been sick of the Fed Lady having those horrific day dreams and the book always going “nah, that wasn’t real.” But finally, finally they pull the trigger and she just straight up kills someone… and that someone is a pretty good character. I realize this is one of those books I read from month to month and don’t usually have a whole lot to say on an individual basis, but this issue was one of the best, it wrapped up some plots, filled in a few gaps, and opened up entirely new developments for old characters. So for as little as I’ve got to say sometimes, this book is really really good, and I myself undersell it each month, which this issue proving that fact.

Klaus #3

Not only is Santa messing up some dude’s plans, he’s about to steal his girl too. OH SANTA. So, are we all pretty much in agreement that the bad guy is working with Krampus or something? That seems like a pretty Grant Morrison thing to do. I’ll gladly accept a fight to the death in the last issue between Santa and Krampus… that just sounds great. Until then, I’ll gladly read more issues of Santa tripping balls on the Christmas spirit.

Sheriff of Babylon #3

Is Tom King the new Rick Remender? Because he possibly just killed of a major character 3 issues into a 12 issue run. I mean… this is comics and I didn’t see a body, but still, an RPG from one lane over in traffic hardly ever bodes well for anybody else. But man, this book is just so good… It’s hard for me to buy into suspense (or horror) in comics, given that the creators have no control over the pace at which a comic is read like movie makers do, but this is one of those few books that gets it so right… Really hope Sofia isn’t dead though, she seemed real cool in a pulling all the strings sort of way.

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